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America: The land of the free and the home to the brave.

Maybe that is why I look at this country in awe, wondering what it would be like to be a part of such a patriotic nation. I recall having an interest in English Literature throughout my childhood - I had a hunger for books, as it was my escape from the reality of a hectic home with three younger brothers.

I realised that of the books I had read, the majority were set in America. During my teenage years, I began to wonder why American high schools seemed so different to mine. Through extended reading and various media influences, I began learning more about America, for example, its literature, history, politics and culture.

I watched documentaries about a variety of people and subjects: The American Ripper H.H. Holmes and Darryl Hunt and the judicial system, to name a few. From there my interest has evolved into a love and curiosity of America in its entirety.

In one of my latest history assignments, we were given the task on choosing what we wanted to research and write about, so I chose to go into depth on the life of Alexander Hamilton and the way his actions influenced America.

I found a great amount not only on him but the other Founding Fathers of the United States of America by reading a biography written by his son as well as items from the national archive. From this, I have found the history of America to be fascinating and would love to go on to learn more about it.

In addition, I attended a week-long taster session at the University of Bedfordshire where we were given the subject of America in our poetry class, and myself and three other women wrote a poem based on the issues in America and ended up winning a competition.

I have attended a few open days so I could get a better insight to the opportunities available on the course, which confirmed my thoughts on choosing the right course.

There was a large variety on what I can learn, and I am excited to be able to do so. Next summer, I hope to take part in Camp America to get the chance to help people and experience America in person before I start university.

At college I am currently studying English Literature and Language, History, Sociology and Creative writing, all of which are great for gaining transferable skills I will use during university. These include my reading and writing skills - I am able to speed read, easily grasping the gist of written material, as well as being able to summarise it.

During my time on the student senate when I was in year 11, I developed my organisational skills – I always have work in on time and can keep on top of all my work. I've also gained research skills, which I have developed efficiently at college and I feel these are all great skills to have.

I also have great people skills - In my town, I have a role within our local carnival as a princess and at my local radio station, where I interact with others and raise money, which has boosted my confidence and has helped overcome my self-consciousness.

I've developed my communication skills with members of the carnival committee both here and in Germany and France, as well as on the radio and when interacting with people at events.

Time management is also one of my strengths, which I believe is because of my six years within the carnival committee, as I have needed to effectively juggle my carnival commitments alongside my study and part-time work; I also support my family, babysitting my brothers to help with my parents as they work quite a lot.

Martin Luther King Jr once said "I have a dream" and fought for what he believed in. Americans have always fought for their freedom, no matter the consequences, and I admire that. I have a dream.

To be able to learn about and be a part of such a patriotic nation, a part of something bigger, that is my dream. I truly believe that my love and curiosity for America and passion for all the things it offers is why I would be suitable choice for this course.

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I applied for 5 Universities:


I got offers from all 5, with an unconditional from Winchester.

In September, I will be attending University of Winchester.


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