The British Army selection process

Providing you pass all the required standards, you will then be invited for a 2 day stint at an Army Development and Selection Centre (ADSC).

This is intended to assess your potential to be a soldier.

You will also undergo a medical examination to ensure you are fit and healthy enough to begin your Phase 1 Initial Training.

The British Army website has a useful video on how to best prepare yourself for the Medical part of the selection process.

A part of your time at the ADSC will be spent completing the following tests:

  • Fitness
  • Memory
  • Teamwork

The Fitness test

While being a member of the British Army is a physically demanding job, you don't have a to be a fitness fanatic to be successful in your application.

It's important you have a reasonable level of fitness, as you may be required to carry heavy equipment or supplies, or move continuously when on patrol.

All officers and soldiers in the Army need to be fit, and they will make sure you receive all the help you need to fulfil all the physical challenges your job demands.

With plenty of free sports/gym equipment and fitness instruction, you will obtain the level of fitness required to ensure you are a safe and successful team member.

Remember that others will be relying on you too, and this is why the Army includes a fitness test in their selection process.

You will be asked to complete a 1.5 mile run along with several strength tests. It's nothing to worry about though, and if you do some training to prepare yourself, you should be able to breeze through it.

The British Army website has lots of advice on how to start training for this test, plus some other information on your diet and nutrition.

The Memory test

As a soldier, you will be expected to take in information quickly and be able to recall it later.

You will take part in a memory lesson at the selection centre about a particular aspect of the army, which you will be able to take notes on.

The next day, you will be tested without your notes to see how much you can remember.

The British Army website has a practice memory test you can take, so you know what to expect on the actual day.

Concentrate on remembering the information as accurately as you can.

You will only have 10 minutes to complete the test, so it's a good idea to prepare yourself using the practice one provided.

The Teamwork test

Teamwork is absolutely essential if you are going to be a successful member of the Army.

This is your opportunity to show how well you can work as part of a team, and also learn how you can improve your performance to become an even better team player.

All roles in the Army will involve at least some element of teamwork, and the Army will want to see you can do this in order to achieve your goals.

Your skills will be put to the test through a basic teamwork exercise, where you can demonstrate your reliability and that you can trust your team mates, too.

You will also need to show that you respect the other members of your team, motivate them, and stay calm under pressure, even if things are going wrong.

The British Army website has a good video of a typical teamwork game.

This puts you in the position of one of the members and asks you questions along the way about what decisions you would make.

You will be given a score at the end so you can see what you need to work on to perform better next time.

You can watch this practice teamwork test as many times as you wish.

The interview

The final step of the selection process is an interview.

Make sure you are prepared, speak confidently and dress smartly.

This way you will be taken seriously and breeze through the selection stage, into your Initial Training phase.