International Baccalaureate Results Day 2024

For those taking exams in May 2024, students can expect to receive their results on 6 July 2024.

Passing your IB Diploma is a fantastic achievement, one you should be immensely proud of, but what actually happens on the day itself and what options do you have?

How do I get my IB results?

IB results are issued on 5 July every year, even if that is a Saturday or Sunday. To discover your results, you need to log onto the IB candidates results site with your personal code and pin number.

As IB results are released throughout the world on this day, it is around 2pm UK time when you can start to access them.

The great news is that your results will automatically be sent to your university choices (conditional, firm, insurance option etc.) that you’ve chosen through UCAS. You can nominate up to 6 universities to receive your results. You don’t need to do anything more as the universities will then contact you directly.

In the very unlikely event they don’t, please allow about one week after the results are released and if you still haven’t heard, then contact the universities themselves. Please don’t contact them any earlier as they will still be awaiting the IB results.

As the 6th July is over a month ahead of A-level results day, you can relax as you will have plenty of time to consider your options whatever your results and still be ahead of your peers.

If your results are not what you expected, either better or worse, there are several choices you need to consider.

What happens next?

If your results are very near the next grade boundary, and this new grade would allow you to achieve your conditional or insurance university offer, then it is worth a chat with your IB tutor to see if you want to apply to have your IB remarked in the hope that your grading will rise.

Please be aware that a regrade request can also result in downgrading as well, which is why it really is worth chatting it through first.

Alternatively, if your IB grades are lower than needed for your firm, conditional or insurance university offer then you need to consider Clearing.

Courses available for clearing are usually released from mid-July onwards and you should have plenty of time to consider these courses before your peers receive their A-level results in mid-August, but please don’t leave it until the last second to apply.

Plan your time wisely to consider your options in detail including phoning to chat with the university tutors about what’s involved in the course. Our guide to UCAS Clearing is also worth an online visit for in-depth analysis and support.

If your IB grades really are significantly lower than expected, you can also consider resitting them either in the up and coming November or the following May and use these 12 months as a partial gap year experience. Again please chat this through with your IB tutor for expert advice and guidance.

On the other hand, your IB results could be better than expected and maybe higher than the entry requirements you need for your university course. Congratulations! that’s awesome news and opens up new possibilities with UCAS Adjustment.

This UCAS service gives you an opportunity to apply for university courses with higher entry requirements as long as there are places available.

The IB is truly worth investigating further as this Diploma is a very highly respected qualification around the world, and opens up endless possibilities for you to study at an overseas university rather than a UK one.

Further information

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