What is the Peter Jones Foundation?

If you’re heading toward completing your GCSEs but not sure the traditional route of A levels and university is the right direction for you, a career in business may be an alternative you wish to explore further.

With university tuition fees rocketing to £9,250 in 2012, a tough job market and a floundering UK economy, never has there been a better time to make your own job and stamp your entrepreneurial flair on the business world.

If this is a path you are keen on taking, then one way of nurturing your enterprise dreams is to consider a course under the umbrella of the Peter Jones Foundation.

The academy is unique in the sense that it is the first set up to offer further education courses solely in entrepreneurship, and requires students to set up and run their own business as part of completing the level 3 qualification.

Started by Peter Jones, CBE and star of the BBC's Dragons' Den, his vision is to 'bring the boardroom into the classroom' and help budding entrepreneurs realise their business dreams.

The Peter Jones Academy currently offer Level 3 Nationals in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, BTEC Level 2 Technical Certificates and Awards, GCSE in Business and A Level Business Studies.

You can find out more by downloading the PJF Prospectus.

By taking one of these courses, you can make your business aspirations become a reality by equipping yourself with all the necessary skills and knowledge to create and manage your own enterprise.

How will I be taught on the Peter Jones Foundation courses?

On both courses you will be tutored by real life entrepreneurs who will be able to give you good advice through their own first-hand experience of running a business.

Companies will set you challenges to complete, and you will also be given a 4 week work placement in a sector of your choice, where you will have the chance to undertake your own business projects.

Networking events and other business classes run by top entrepreneurs will also help you gain knowledge on how to run a business.

We recommend you take a look at the individual college websites for more info on the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy courses, or ask for a prospectus.

Where can I enrol for a Peter Jones Foundation course?

There are currently around 30 colleges across the UK where you can study for PJEA further education courses - find your nearest one with the PJF Academy Finder.

However, new venues for these qualifications are continuously being added, so keep checking the PJF website in case a college closer to you starts offering the courses.

If you want to find out more about the PJF courses at your local college, we recommend you contact them directly by phone or email, and ask for a prospectus to find out more details about what you will learn.

You can also visit the Peter Jones Foundation for more information.

Further information

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