PJF Programme Reviews & Student Testimonials

If you feel you're a budding entrepreneur and are considering the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy as the next step after completing school or college, take a look at what some current PJEA students at City College Norwich have to say about the courses on offer:

"I find it interesting because you learn and gain the skills you need for the future"

- Dennis Ente

"I am enjoying the Peter Jones enterprise academy because I am learning skills I will need in the future. The work is challenging yet enjoyable and the work is relevant to my future plans of running my own business. The help we get with the work is good and we are able to get help whenever it is needed. It's good to be doing a course founded by such a well-known, highly respected entrepreneur."

- Oliver Connor

"I am enjoying the course so far. I enjoy the units we are doing. Especially the Sheffield trip (MADE festival) really made me think about where I want to be in the future."

- Julija Aleskevica

"The Peter Jones academy course seems to be going really well and working in a team as part of business planning and pitching is enjoyable as potential business ideas grow. The work load is just right and the intranet site is easily accessible from home to find documents."

- Zak Egginton

"I’m finding the Peter Jones enterprise course very helpful and interesting, I believe I will be a great help in the future if I am to set up my own business. Just by attending these last 2 months I have already got a better understanding of how businesses work and learnt what preparations need to be done before setting up a business."

- Lewis Woods

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