Designing A Business Card

A business card is a small yet important facet of your business. It tells people who you are, and the way in which you do this will impact on how others see you as both a person and a company.

Some people tend to get carried away and end up with a cluttered business card that has illegible fonts and/or a garish colour scheme.

The trick to creating that perfect and professional business card is to keep things clean and simple.

An uncluttered business card allows people to instantly see who you are, what you do and how they can contact you.

It also tells people that you are a professional and care about how you appear to others.

Make sure all your contact details – address, phone number, fax, email address – are all clearly visible on your card. None of them should be covered up with your logo or unclear due to the background colour, etc.

Again, like your logo design, keep the number of colours and font types to a minimum to stop your card from looking too fussy.

You are not trying to create a work of art – you are just telling people about yourself. A snazzy business card is useless if it doesn’t convey all your important contact information to potential clients.

Keep the size of your business card to no larger than that of a credit card, otherwise people are unlikely to be able to fit it in their wallet - this means people will lose it more easily.

If you want a business card that’s a little more interesting than the bog-standard ones you normally see, then try adding a texture or pale pattern to the background. For example, a tile pattern if you are a tiler, or a floral flourish if you are a florist.

These little touches may help people remember your card and therefore your business, which already gives you a competitive advantage!

If you feel you are not up to designing a business card yourself, then it’s advisable to ask a design company to do it for you.

There are also lots of websites out there that will design and print business cards for you at an all-inclusive price.

You may find this is a cheaper option than going through a design company.

Test out any mock ups on your family and friends – do they have any suggestions as to how it could be improved?

Make sure you are completely satisfied with the final design before you send off to get 50 or 100 to be printed – it will save you time and money in the future!

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