Yull Shoes

Tell us a bit about your business, Yull Shoes.

Yull started in March 2011, producing classic ladies' shoes with a bit of a twist. Yull’s moto is 'style over fashion'!

Where did you get the idea to start it?

From a very young age I had always wanted to start my own business within the fashion Industry.

In 2009, whilst studying at London College of Fashion, I was sold on the idea of shoes.

I just fell in love with how each pair of shoes can make you feel so different about yourself.

What were you doing before you set up Yull Shoes?

Before starting Yull shoes I was working as a sales representative for an aroma chemical company.

Have you always wanted to be your own boss?


What have you enjoyed most about setting up your own business?

Every day is exciting, full of ups and downs, definitely don’t get bored. But the most enjoyable part is selling and sending out invoices.

What were the major challenges you had to overcome when starting up?

Start up capital, I had to save up a lot money and had to get funding from the Prince’s Trust to help as well.

How have you been marketing your business?

I haven’t done any paid advertising yet so I have just been doing PR myself - sending out press releases, getting in touch with journalists, events, bloggers, hanging out flyers when I first started, a bit of social media - not my forte!

What are your plans for the future?

Would love to open up a retail unit for Yull and start doing accessories.

Any tips for other budding entrepreneurs out there?

It’s not easy, if it was everyone would be doing it but just don’t give up.

It can’t be smooth sailing every day but it’s worth the struggle for the days and times that it does go right.

Check out Yull Shoes at www.yull.co.uk

You can also follow Sarah @yullshoes on Twitter.

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