Chicken and Broccoli Bake

Serves: 3
Time: 55 mins


  • 225g broccoli florets
  • 3-4 skinned chicken breast portions
  • 1 can low fat condensed chicken soup
  • 50g/2oz extra light mayonnaise
  • 1 tsp curry paste
  • Splash of skimmed milk

1) Cook broccoli in boiling water until almost tender.

2) Place chicken breasts and broccoli in a shallow oven proof dish.

3) Mix together the soup, mayonnaise, and curry paste with a splash of skimmed milk (to double cream consistency).

4) Spoon the mixture over the chicken and broccoli, coating them well.

5) Bake at 190C / 375F for 45 mins or until bubbling all the way through.