The University of Reading Guide: Accommodation & Environment

It’s important you find the right accommodation for you. The University of Reading has several halls of residence available with catered and self-catered options.

  • 4,950 student bedrooms on or close to campus
  • All within a 15-minute walk from the main library
  • No unexpected bills with an all-inclusive rent
  • 24-hour hotline for halls-related issues
  • 50% of rooms built within last 5 years

A number of private student accommodation is available in Reading located close to the university campuses.

Surrounded by woodlands and conservation areas, the Whiteknights Campus is a beautiful place to study and is located in Whiteknights Park, landscaped by Marquis of Blandford in the 18th century. The park features a lake and is home to diverse wildlife.

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