Postgraduate Student Jobs

If your applications for funding from all available sources are unsuccessful and you are not keen on the idea of taking out a loan, you can always work a part-time job during your course.

A majority of postgraduates in the UK study part time, which means that they are able to hold down a part-time or even a full-time job while they complete their studies.

You shouldn’t find it difficult to get a part-time job when you start your course. The first place we recommend you try should be the Student Job Shop.

Here there will be loads of opportunities to get a job whether it is in the student bar or the university library, or even possibly assisting with teaching.

Graduate teaching and research assistantships are a popular option, which you can read more about in our institutional funding section.

Some academic departments may offer administration work such as filing, inputting data and answering calls.

Of course, there are also loads of opportunities outside of your institution, which you can find out about in the local newspapers, job centres, university careers services and student unions.

Recruitment agencies are another good place to look, as most will have temporary posts available. These short-term contracts allow you to work for set periods of time, giving you enough time to keep up with your studying.

Further information

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