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Nursing is a profession I have always looked upon with respect. I believe that the role of a nurse can be very challenging and hectic at times, as well as rewarding and fulfilling. In my opinion a person who is willing to become a nurse need to have very good interpersonal skills, be a good listener, empathetic, eager to learn and strive to improve themselves.

An understanding for other people's needs without prejudice is also important. I believe I possess all of the above qualities and will endeavour to maintain and improve on them whenever possible. My mum has been the main influencer for my desire to study MSc. Nursing Studies, Adult Pre-registration. She is also a nurse and she never come home from work complaining as she loves her job. I visited her ward often times and their staff were friendly in answering my
questions. I got my first work placement at a nursing home where I later acquired a paid job as a Nursing assistant in Yombo Hospital and Maternity, Lagos Nigeria.

During my time at the nursing home, I enjoyed talking to and caring for residents and developing relationships with them and this is something that really attracts me to nursing. My experience working in the nursing home also taught me how to work well in team with other professionals and made me appreciate how important it is to follow instructions given to me from senior staff. It was at the nursing home that I discovered my talent of providing reassurance to people who may be feeling anxious or confused and I think this is an important skill to have as a nurse.

As part of my course, I undertook a second work placement at a day centre for adults with disabilities. The service users there had various conditions and needs, and I learnt how to balance their needs and meet them which demonstrates my use of initiative. My desire to become a nurse has been enhanced further by my time in Yombo Hospital and Maternity, Lagos Nigeria; where I have developed first aid and people skills.

Since I joined Yombo Hospital and Maternity, I have risen to the level of Advanced First Aider (AFA). As an AFA with Yombo Hospital and Maternity, I am able to administer medical gases. I provide first aid support alongside other first aiders at various sports events. It is from these experiences that I have developed an interest in working in an Accident & Emergency department. I enjoy the challenge of working under pressure and I find it very satisfying to successfully treat people and reassure them when they are in need and this is another reason why

I want to become a nurse. Ever since I took up Biology for Senior Leaving Certificate, I have been fascinated with the body; have always wondered why certain instances can have a positive/negative effect. I would like to broaden my studies in this area.

At university I look forward to discovering more about how the human body works and how it can be treated when it becomes damaged. By becoming a nurse, I look forward to playing a positive role in healthcare sector for the future by attending nursing conferences so I can learn from other nurses and contribute to innovation so the quality of patient care may be improved.

I have been my class representative for two different occasions: student council, and graduation committee. These roles involve meetings that involve both students and staff and I try my best to speak my opinions and try to implement changes. These responsibilities have refined and strengthened my time management and organizational skills.

I want to study MSc. Adult Nursing Studies in University of Cumbria - Fuse hill Street Campus, Carlisle because it offers many more opportunities. Graduate Prospects for Nursing students are impressively high and the profession is in demand whether private or National Health Scheme. University of Cumbria offers practical skills which will help me understand the course more. It will give me a chance to learn in practical rather than theory and further help in advancement of my career.

I believe that I am an ideal candidate to study nursing because I embrace the 6 C’s of nursing and am compassionate and caring as an individual. I can also practice in different assessment methods which include coursework, exam, presentations and group work. The ability to adapt to these situations and get good results makes me feel competent in coping with the academic side of nursing and I hope my application will be considered.

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