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From Darwin's Theory of Evolution to the French ideologies during the revolution of 1789 to Karl Marx's theory on communism to Hitler's Nazi ideology, all are famous historical ideologies that have contributed to today's world. These theories fascinate me by the influence that they have left behind. Different features of ideologies and the various political developments compelled me to pursue this course at undergraduate course capacities. Why different religions coexist within a society peacefully while they fight in another? Why are economic disparities prevalent globally? How are international relations affected by different circumstances? These are all questions that can be studied through Political Science. The implication of government and politics on national boundaries and global realms is one that cannot be ignored.

My A Level subject combination has been a careful selection of a broad range of subjects which includes both subjects that are numerical and ones from humanities. One aspect of politics that fascinates me is International Relations and through my studies in History I have learnt that an international system knit with close ties can help solve much of the social, economic and political problems that persist today. One of the most exciting topics I studied was Game Theory, in both Economics and History, which has helped me understand its usefulness for certain situations. For example its application during the Cuban Missile crises and how Khrushchev with his tactics calmed down the situation along with getting his demands approved. Simple mind play and use of right strategies helped avoid maybe which could have been a Third World War and who knows what the world would have been if that had taken place?

Economics has helped me learn different tools and policies that governments use in controlling the economy. The social movements that have taken place in the past, in different countries be it the October Revolution of Russia or the French Revolution of France, revolved around the basic problem of deteriorating economy. It is interesting how closely politics and economics affect the development of a society. Mathematics, alongside Further Mathematics, has enhanced my logical and critical thinking skills. From the various topics studied, the ones I enjoyed the most revolved mostly on pure mathematics side including Integration and Inductions. The step by step thoughtful process of solving a question taught me the importance of clear, successive thinking.

I have been involved in different extra curricula's throughout my school years. During my A levels I exhibited my leadership skills by taking on roles being member of Nixor Corporate and the Board of Directors. I was the Chief Marketing Officer of an NGO by the name 'Taleem Sab Ke Liye' which served to provide free education to the under privileged class of all ages. The experience has been one where I got to explore myself. By arranging sponsors and scheduling meetings I developed communication skills and gained essential research and presentation skills. This experience has helped me grow to work in a team and be active in my own learning. My gradual succession to being member of the Board has instilled sense of accountability in me as I currently have two entities working under my supervision. I have to guide the teams with their operations, marketing and finances and also assist them by my previous experience of working in an entity myself. Besides from my activities and academics, I take out time to keep myself updated with developments within the global structure by reading the Economist and by watching news.

I feel that my educational background and leadership experiences will make me a suitable candidate to pursue Political Science at university level. In order to learn about the balance of liaising between government and society, it is necessary to deeply understand what governs these social structures. That is what I want to be ready for.

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