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The novelty of Physics fascinates me. One simple equation can change the course of History. In 1905, aged just 25 and working in a patent office, Albert Einstein published a paper on the Theory of Relativity. In a second paper that year he drew an important equation from that theory – Energy-Mass equivalence, or E = MC 2. This lead to the development of Nuclear Weapons and eventually the bombing at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All because of one man's extraordinary intuition and fascination with the properties of light.

A theoretical physicist, like Einstein, uses 'postulates' and makes discoveries using those postulates. Firstly, he discovered an idea, and secondly draws a conclusion from that idea. Nothing the physicist has been equipped with can help him deduce nature's secrets. Not systematically anyway. It needs perception in empirical facts, and skill in formulating equations. And once this is accomplished, the scientist may often draw more conclusions from his work. Extending beyond the Provence of the original principles scope.

One of the most important debates in Quantum Mechanics is the Einstein – Bohr debate, that took place up until Einstein's death. Several leading scientists at the time, most notably Einstein, questioned the nature of quantum probability. Einstein's characteristic expression 'God does not play dice' was deduced'. To which Bohr answered in critique of Einstein, 'stop telling God how to behave!'. The outcome of this debate helped shaped the development of Quantum Mechanics.

I have a long held fascination with the inner workings of the universe, that I feel are best drawn from the study of physics. My primary area of interest is Quantum Mechanics, although I understand very little of it mathematically at the moment. I would like to develop my skills in the basic principles of physics before delving into research and feel that a degree is suited to me for this reason.

Normally, when things are separated in space, we view them as independent. However according to Quantum Mechanics, in certain circumstances, things separate in space can be viewed as a single entity. One particle can cause a change in another even though they have no direct relationship.

According to classical physics the past and future are, in a sense, part of the present. Using Newton's equations one can ascertain the position and velocity of objects at any moment in time. However, according to Quantum Mechanics - when dealing with the sub-atomic arena - one cannot know the position and velocity of particles at any moment in time. Therefore, according to Quantum Mechanics, the universe is a game of chance. The physical 'reality' we experience in everyday life is different- it can be predicted.

Immanual Kant asked whether it was possible to do away with time and space when thinking about the universe, and found that it would be impossible. Physicists today suspect that space and time are not fundamental. Space and time may emerge from more fundamental constituents, that have yet to have been found.

During University I've enjoyed taking part in extra curricular activities such as debating, mock law trials, voluntary legal work, time spent in barrister's chambers and courts,and I have helped to run open evenings. I think of myself as a well-rounded person and get along well with fellow students and lecturers, forming several friendships during my time in London. I enjoy swimming and like to practice yoga.

I feel that a foundation course would allow me to build upon my problem solving skills sufficiently to complete a degree. Lately I've done a lot of GCSE and AS Level study to keep my thinking sharp and to prepare myself for study at a higher level. I have found this mentally stimulating and have been capable of sustained study and so I feel that I am now ready to move back into academic life.

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