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Growing up, my parents put a lot of pressure on me to become a doctor. However, the field was never one that I took to.

From a young age, I was always interested in how machines used in everyday life such as phones and cars worked.

Thus engineering was a field I thought was perfect for me. I used to try building devices to solve everyday problems and while they were not particularly successful, the failures made me eager to learn more.

Playing a lot of racing games in my youth made me particularly interested about cars. It made me do a lot of research about what makes a car perform better.

I would ask my dad about his car and try to help him with repairs. Learning how and internal combustion engine worked brought about questions such as, "why do most supercars use v8 engines and what makes them better than the usual two or four cylinder engine?” This furthered my interest in engineering.

Engineers have always been the greatest innovators of modern times. Edison with the light bulb; the Wright brothers with the plane; Tesla with electricity and the electric motor.

Such engineers have inspired me to pursue a career in engineering and hope to one day make an impact on the world as they did. Reading “Physics of the Impossible” by Michio Kaku made me realise how much is yet to be invented and how engineers can make them possible.

Maths and physics are subjects I have enjoyed throughout my school life and as a result, have excelled in them. In particular, the mechanics modules of maths are ones that I revel in. I liked using the complex mathematics that I learned and applying them in real-world problems and situations.

In year 12, I attended a physics practical school in QMUL. There, I learnt the practical skills needed for a career in physics or engineering.

I gained first-hand experience of how practicals at university level are carried out; that there is more to the procedure than just doing the experiment itself.

I also improved my teamwork and written and verbal communication. Taking chemistry at AS helped further my scientific understanding and improved my written communication. It also deepened my knowledge of nuclear physics.

Engineers require a wide variety of skills to succeed. Leadership, communication, teamwork just to name a few. I have leadership qualities as I was appointed as captain of my school football team. I also achieved a sports leaders level 2 award.

I volunteer every week at IntoUniversity as one of the mentors in their Primary Academic Mentoring programme. This has allowed me to communicate with people of different levels and not just peers and superiors. At the SPW Science Summer School, I was a student ambassador for physics.

I was tasked with guiding and speaking to important guests and helping out in workshops for my subject. As part of a team of student ambassadors, we had to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Having completed GCSE Arabic and growing up in a Bengali speaking household has improved my ability to communicate with people of different background and cultures.

Outside of my studies, I am a dedicated sportsperson. I play football for my local club and for the school team. I also join in other sports wherever I can; I was part of the cricket and athletics team in secondary.

I have done a lot of voluntary work for the charity LiC where I ran sports sessions for young people in the community.

Other than sports I enjoy reading, not just about my subject. Most recently I have read “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaleid Hosseini

I believe a degree in engineering from your university will be the first step for me to a successful career in engineering. Hopefully it will lead to my dream of making an impact on the world and changing it for the better.

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