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Mechanical engineering personal statement

From a very young age, I had aspirations of becoming an engineer, because I wanted to build machines that did not require direct human energy inputs to operate. I achieved this for the first time a few weeks later, designing a vehicle that carried it's energy stored in rubber-bands; it wasn't a roaring success, but the fact that it wasn't perfect only increased my desire to learn more about engineering.

Soon afterwards, I became a serious motor sport enthusiast, and to understand the sport more, I began assisting my dad and his mechanic in the maintenance of our family cars and electricity generator. I quickly learnt and understood the function of every part of the generator and before long, my dad ran out of answers to my questions, like: 'Why do high performance engines often have up to six valves per cylinder when two would do the job?'. He therefore encouraged me to read further about engineering, and a few books later, I knew what
I was devoting my life to.

The more I learn about mechanical engineering, the more assured I become that a career as a mechanical engineer is suited to me. A few years ago whilst researching for a physics assignment, I discovered that most cars are 20 to 30 percent efficient at best. This statistic is unacceptable, and it had a big influence on my decision to study mechanical engineering, with my focus being engine design. In addition, learning subsequently of the rotary engine, continuously variable transmission (cvt), pneumatic and desmodromic valve
control, hydraulics and many other interesting concepts has further trengthened my decision to study mechanical engineering, and it is my belief that I really can make a mark in the automobile industry.

After deciding to become an engineer, I set out to find the qualities necessary for success. In the process, I read about Heinrich Maybach, Thomas Edison, Isambard Brunel, Ernst von Siemens, and a host of others. Of all the great engineers I have learnt about, the one that inspires me the most is Thomas Edison. This is because unlike all the others, he not only was talented as an engineer; he was also a brilliant businessman.

I believe that success, as an engineer in this day and age, requires technical competence and a combination of management, leadership, communication and business skills. Leadership is something that I have naturally and my school recognised this by appointing me a senior prefect, which I believe has further improved my leadership and communication skills. In addition, I recently set up a maths club in my school where sixth-formers who are good at maths help
pupils from the junior school with their study and homework. This has improved my communication and presentation skills tremendously.
Reading Robert Kiyosaki's book, 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', taught me the importance of having financial and business skills. To improve these skills, I volunteered at my local British Heart Foundation shop for a few months, to understand how charities make money. This turned out to be a very valuable educational experience.

When I have time outside my curricular and club activities, I am a very enthusiastic sportsperson. My main sporting interests are football and the high jump. Presently, I am in the process of starting up a football team for the sixth-formers in my school, to improve general physical fitness and to foster a sense of belonging among the new sixth-formers in my school. I am also working towards a sports leadership award. In addition, I am involved in Greenwich council's Gifted and Talented program called 'xtrahot', and I have attended a
number of seminars and workshops as part of the program.

It is my hope that a degree from your university would serve as a solid base for a successful career in engineering, where hopefully, I would be involved in the development of new technology for cleaner and more efficient transportation systems.

Profile info

This personal statement was written by mailforabu for application in 2005.

mailforabu's university choices
University of Bath
Oxford University
University College London

Green: offer made
Red: no offer made

Mechanical Engineering at University of Bath

mailforabu's Comments

It's not fantastic but it got me an interview at Oxford, so it can't be completely rubbish either.
My interviewers seemed to be particularly pleased with the question in paragraph two about engine valves, so I'll advice you guys to put something personal like that.
In addition, engineers like nothing better than talking about other great engineers. So if you can, include a few names your familiar with.
Finally, put some effort into your conclusion, and resist the temptation to drop it completely.


Statement rating:****


Comment by guest at 13:58 25/09/2006

Very good statement and gud luk to u m8. But havin said that how can you want to devote your life to engineering when you are 6. You wouldn't even know what engineering was when you were 6. I hope not all statements are this full of overexagerated lied or i don't stand a chance.

Comment by guest at 20:30 30/09/2006

It very good. I like your tips showing what you had done well. BTW to other people he never mentioned about being six.

Oxford by guest at 22:52 8/10/2006

I didn't get into Oxford because I wasn't prepared for the interview, not because of my personal statement. If you're applying to oxford, I'll advise you to brush up on your calculus, mechanics and electronics, at least that was what my interviews covered. Although an offer from Oxford would have been nice, I don't regret not getting one cos they're crap at engineering, espescially compared to Bath, Cambridge and Imperial. Goodluck with your applications. Ab.

Age by guest at 12:21 25/10/2006

How do you get from 'a very young age' to a few weeks later? A few weeks later than being a very young age?

spelling by guest at 15:10 13/11/2006

Oxford would have been more inclined to offer you a place if you proof read your statement. Strengthened was incorrect, silly mistake but they would have picked up on it otherwise very good.

Comment by guest at 02:12 19/11/2006

"it is my belief that I really can make a mark in the automobile industry" I'd question the effectiveness/value of this line. Your enthusiasm is great but (whilst you may well make your mark) perhaps it's best to dim down the wishful thinking - I doubt the admissions people would be overly impressed with it. Certainly, a line stating your hopes to simply persue the career would get my preference. All the best.

Comment by guest at 23:55 5/09/2007

wat AS grades did u send with this statement?

Comment by at 2007-11-18 17:43:22

hey good essay....btw did you apply to any american universities???

Comment by guest at 19:11 18/03/2008

that was great personal statement. i apply for mechanical engineering this year. can you help me to do personal statement. my email

Comment by guest at 22:00 24/06/2008

lol, lets hope not everyone kisses ass this much. i think its a good statement, but i wouldnt feel comfortable saying some of those things. would much rather not get an offer than say some of that :P

:) by guest at 17:46 31/08/2008

wellll doneeee btw does anyone know if unis can look at our AS results or just our predicted grades? x

wow by guest at 21:47 19/09/2008

lessen am going uni this next year an i need 2 do my p.s so if you can help me i will really like that thanks.

Comment by guest at 20:57 3/11/2008

"son what do you want to do when ur older a fireman or something" his reply "no dad i want to be an engineer" haha i call bulsh*t and your out

a by guest at 11:17 6/11/2008

this is all bullshit

Comment by guest at 09:43 27/05/2009

bit over done too much bull. keep it straight, direct and on point, the bollocks in the statement stand out 10 x what a well written statement will.

valves by guest at 13:30 11/06/2009

can i ask why do high performance have 6 valves for cylinder and not 2.

valves by guest at 13:33 11/06/2009

can i ask why do high performance engines have 6 valves per cylinder and rather than 2.

Comment by guest at 21:05 24/08/2009

Its a great personal statement. I think everyone else over here is jealous. well done dude

hi by at 2009-09-11 06:46:58

i will be applying for university 2010 and i am kind of lost writing my personal statement so could you please help me thank you

Comment by guest at 22:01 9/12/2009

Why do high perfomance engines have 6 valves instead of 2? It is important that you share your knowledge since you're such an intelligent individual. Through this, the whole world could benefit from knowing the answer to that question. ty.

Comment by guest at 22:04 9/12/2009

Good statement btw.

Comment by guest at 17:49 6/02/2010

Someone said jelous, then yes, I am jelous. But I dont know of what - maybe of what he is good on engeneering because he new what he wants in 6 years old!!! Maybe he is genius. Or maybe I am jelous cause I have not that tallent to make that buble from nothing. When I red my thought was that almost all what he written was lies. If it wasn't then I imagine him like from some soap operas - perfect family, little kid is smart. It all sounds too perfect to be truth.

Comment by guest at 21:52 13/02/2010

yeah good PS I needed help with mine and this really help me to get started. I would appreciate any help on PS and maybe the things you'd wish to change after looking at it again:

Comment by guest at 19:26 7/07/2011

oo ur from greenwich which part?!What school aswell!?

Sad times. by at 2011-08-22 10:18:24

Lol you got accepted into Imperial for Mech eng, yet you went to bath? I only recently decided I want to go into engineering, I always wanted to go into Business, but a degree in that isn't very credible so I decided to go with engineering since I'm good at Physics, Chem and Maths and an engineering degree could really show employers that I can think in the way they want me to in order to participate in a business effectivley and efficiently. Though I'm very flustered now cuz I had a bad test in Chem and Phys (got a D in P1 lol even though I got an A in P2 and Mechanics) and ended up with B's in them instead of A's so I'm pretty annoyed and on top of the fact that I can't write as passionate a statement as yours without lying is bumming me the hell out :/

Comment by guest at 01:13 28/09/2011

Your personal statement was very nice, you knew what you were talking about. To all of the haters on his personal statement, how about you all write a better one and get an interview at Oxford University then sit there and talk shit about other peoples work. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and shut up. Thank You.

Comment by guest at 03:19 10/10/2011

That was great personal statement. I'm applying for mechanical engineering this year. can you help me to do a personal statement? my email:

u forgot the title by guest at 06:35 13/10/2011

should i title mine? what do youse think?

Comment by guest at 16:15 23/11/2011

I think that this is a Great personal statement, at least you show that you have passion for your subject. Well done I say

Comment by guest at 12:04 17/09/2012

cool story bro

Comment by guest at 11:41 25/10/2012

where does he say hes six?

Comment by guest at 08:23 2/02/2013

yaeh thats good

Comment by guest at 12:10 5/02/2013

Where does it say that he wanted to be an engineer at six?

BqjmqJwy by guest at 02:02 24/07/2013

I truly appreciate this blog post. Awesome.

Comment by guest at 14:46 15/09/2013

Sir, if you statement is bullshit or it is the truth. I really enjoy reading it. If what you say is the truth, you should continue to pursue your dream. And ignore what others say.

Comment by guest at 11:19 22/09/2013

oxford doesn't just base acceptance on your personal statement, it also requires the grades..idiot

its rubbish by guest at 12:16 27/09/2013

Its rubbish

that was great man by guest at 15:38 5/02/2014

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