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I am extremely enthusiastic about my decision to read Mathematics at university as for as long as I can remember Maths has always been my main academic interest.

From learning to count at primary school, to studying calculus towards my Mathematics A level, I have found this subject intriguing due to its obvious application to the real world.

It also appeals to my more logical nature, as answers in Maths tend to be either definitely right or wrong. I have always been capable in this subject, having been in the top group since primary school, and joining an accelerated learning group in secondary school, gaining a grade A in my Mathematics GCSE, one year early.

This group gave me a chance to push my mathematical skills to the limit, and develop the ability to work at a faster pace. Taking this GCSE early also gave me the opportunity to study for another GCSE in Statistics, in just one year.

I achieved a grade B in this subject, setting me in extremely good stead for the statistics units in my Mathematics A level course. At secondary school I also tackled the UKMT junior and intermediate challenges each year, gaining either a bronze or silver certificate for each entry.

The questions in this challenge were a welcome change from the usual exam questions, as they did not rely entirely on formulae, but more on my logical ability. Overall, teachers have always believed that I can achieve high grades and as proven by both my GCSE and A level grades I always meet their predictions.

I have found that by working harder, asking for help where appropriate and most importantly determination I am able to exceed the predicted marks, gaining more personal satisfaction.

I work hard and have a good level of concentration. I work efficiently and always make good use of the time from free periods to complete my homework. Deadlines are met with work to the best of my ability, which is of a high quality, and is always presented clearly. I have always been able to work well independently, but am also equally able to work well with others.

Last year I was part of the team entered for the TES Newsday competition, where we created a broadsheet newspaper in one day, and a colour supplement as preparation over several weeks.

I was also part of a new mentoring scheme set up last year, where I was paired with a lower sixth student with similar subjects to myself, to help him with any problems he may have, either academically or personally. Both of these tasks helped improve both my communication and interpersonal skills and gain valuable experience of working with others.

My current gap year plans entail working, full time, at my job at Staples. This enables me to gain valuable work experience, but also helps raise sufficient funds for university so I can concentrate more on my studies, than any financial worries.

However, I am also looking into travelling for a few months next Spring, so I can gain more independence, and an insight into the wider world. This would also give me more money management skills, vital for survival at university.

Many words can be used to describe my personality, but most people agree that I am both confident and outgoing, and extremely easy to get along with. My interests include socialising and playing Badminton with my local club. I also have a keen interest in local music bands, specifically following my best friends band ‘Dude on a Mission’, and my brothers band ‘Ego’.

Although I am still unsure of the path I will follow after graduating, I know that a mathematics degree opens up many options, as it is applicable to a wide variety of careers.

My intention to study some managerial options towards my full credits will also give me many transferable skills, and will help apply some of my mathematical knowledge to a working environment.

Whilst at university I am sure I will encounter many challenges and opportunities, which will not only help to shape me more as an individual, but will direct me towards the correct career path for me. Until then I will take pleasure in the knowledge that I will be studying a subject I enjoy.

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This personal statement was written by sioniebaby for application in 2004.

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University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
The University of Edinburgh

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Mathematics with Management at University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Nobody else I know is applying for Maths, so I'm not entirely sure what maths related things I can put in here. Also being on a gap year makes it hard to ask teachers for help. I'd just like general comments please! Thanks!


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i think it's great that you

i think it's great that you went with talking about yourself more, i'd always been told to not say alot about myself which makes me think what is the point of a personal statement then. i think your staement is really good.

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