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My concern of countries worldwide has grown as I've been traveling, especially to third world countries. Lately I've become more interested in international studies and I'm interested to extend my understanding of politics. I'm in the International Baccalaureate and I'm studying history and economics at higher level which provides a good basic knowledge of international development.

I combined the two subjects because I thought that together they would explain, to some extent the relation of countries in today's world society. Analyzing and discussing the historical development and jointly keeping updated in different news papers online for my economic studies have made me realize how powerful the influence of politics and globalization is across the world, this has captured my interest.

I've recently written an extended essay, where I had the chance to write what was in a big interest of mine: comparing society and politics of Guatemala before and after the peace agreement in 1996.

Along my research I got particularly interested in the issue of democratization in a Central American country, after 36 years of civil war, a war where the majority of citizens and few relatives of my got involved. This assignment has extended my research skills; it has improved my essay writing and made me aware of evaluating different sources.

Something else that I'm specially fascinated by is languages and I've had the luck to learn four, Swedish, Spanish, English and French, where French and Spanish would especially be two that I'd like to improve in future. In my current school I've had the chance to give schoolmates Spanish tutors since I know the language quiet well.

It has offered communication and a better understanding of how to explain language and culture. I think also that for my ambitions of any work in an international organization or business it is a big advantage to speak few different languages.

About two years ago I decided to apply for Christian Children's Fund and had the luck to travel and see how the organization worked with children and how they arranged so that every child in the village who needed help could get basic educational and medical care.

This was an experience that really made me actualize the importance of non-governmental organizations in various countries where governments don't include a group of people and make them become out standers in their own country, where people have no power and cannot make major changes in society.

On my spare time I enjoy sports, I've been playing in a soccer team and spent once a summer in the Gothia Cup, Goteborg. I've also been dancing ballet a lot and participated in some dance competitions.

Except sports I also enjoy reading novels that can combine everyday individuals and political surroundings, such as Isabel Allende's works, the House of Spirits, that describes a family and how they live under certain conditions of governance. I'm keen to find out more about how politics and international relations work its influence over individual nations and the international co-operation.

I believe that studying international studies would prepare me for a job within the subjects that I'm mostly interested in. A good start for my higher education is in the UK, because I'm prepared and have been thought in English for my three latest school years.

By the end of my degree course I expect to have a broader sense of international affairs, understanding of politics and diplomatic history. I also hope it can help me to grow as a person, be mature and independent. I look forward to university and all aspects of social university life.

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