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Politics has been the one of the most fundamental aspects of human life since the formation of tribal communities. Today, politics affects the smallest to the most important part of our lives. Politics also has the capacity to affect even a supposedly friendly competition such as the Eurovision song contest and wars. Throughout my teenage years, my interest in both domestic and international politics has grown. My interest in politics was first sparked by the decision of Great Britain to join the United States of America in the invasion of Iraq. This decision by America and Great Britain caused international debate and controversy. The participation of the United Nations before and during the war demonstrated the discontent for the invasion. In more recent politics, I have become intrigued by the Irish Republics refusal of the Lisbon Treaty and the lifting of internal borders between EU countries. The fascination with politics both internationally and domestic has inspired my career choice of European administration or governmental institutions in Great Britain.

From a young age history has also been a particular interest of mine especially political history. 'A' level Early Modern history has a strong grounding in the politics of 1603-1685. The material that I am studying has fascinated me especially how the thoughts of Thomas Hobbes and his Social Contract Theory may have aided the restoration of Charles II and the future monarchy in Great Britain. It is noticeable from both studying history and philosophy, that politics and political theory are shaped by events that have happened in the recent past. Also from history and philosophy I am able to convey an argument clearly and objectively which I feel is an important aspect to studying and working in politics. The study of Psychology at 'A' level has also exposed me to the political effects of experiments such as the introduction of human and animal ethics after controversial psychological experiments and the psychology behind major political events, such as the obedience of the people in Nazi Germany.

Inside of college I am an active member of the charities committee, where we have raised money for charities such as the British Heart Foundation and for the “jeans for genes” day. Being a member of this committee has helped me to feel at ease and confident to talk to a wide range of people. Also as part of the enrichment programme, I attended at medical ethics class. I found how politics has affected the health services most intriguing. Outside college I enjoy archery where I am also a member of a local club. Another activity I am currently engaged in is keyboard lessons where I am working towards grade 4.

Understandably the transition from a sixth form college to university will be a challenging event however I feel that it is an unmissable opportunity to develop intellectually and personally. Attending a Sixth Form College has given me the skill of some independent learning with research and extra reading which will be invaluable at degree level. I look forward to read politics at university and the challenges this will bring.

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This personal statement was written by theredwindmill for application in 2009.

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This is the 5th draft of my personal statement. Its not yet finished and i know the grammer is awful and lets not mention the spelling. I shall be really grateful for any useful comments. Can people not only say its naf it would be nice for a reason so i can improve it.


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For a start you mention the word "politics" too many times in the first paragraph or so. Also try and make it flow a bit more, as I feel the PS stops and starts in places :)

I thought it was quite good,

I thought it was quite good, just seemed to contain too much information that vwasnt concerning yourself. i think you should write about what makes you love politics, you only wirte a line about that. But other than that seems great! good luck :)

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