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Geography Personal Statement

I am fascinated by the intrinsic link between humanity and the environment in which it thrives. Physical Geography is a compelling area; it exposes the power and complexity of the natural forces which govern our earth, showing that we cannot exploit its resources for our own means without severe consequences.

An issue of particular interest to me is climate change. Humanity has arguably had knowledge of its impacts on global temperatures for around 120 years. It is staggering that the anthropogenic 'Greenhouse Effect' was first proposed in 1896 yet it is only now that we face the devastating consequences of climate change that governments begin to take action in reducing carbon emissions. I am involved in a campaign in my local area organised in support of the construction of several wind turbines. I have written to local government on this issue, voicing my support for the project as I feel that sustainable sources must play an increased role in the future of our energy production.

I question whether humanity can live symbiotically with the natural world. The pursuit of an answer leads me to look outside the confines of the A-level Geography syllabus. My interest in climate change was sparked after reading the influential 'An Inconvenient Truth' and 'Earth in the Balance' by Nobel Prize winner Al Gore. Following my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the Peak District, I researched and presented on how succession shaped the moorland, looking at how management strategies affected this process. I read the scientific journal 'Nature', a recent article promoting marine protection in the Arctic was of particular interest for me. Pristine seas are being polluted by the presence of ships as the area becomes more involved in the global economy. The article illustrated how closely related economic and environmental factors can be, making it clear which of the two our society tends to prioritise. I am excited about attending university as it gives me an opportunity to be at the forefront of research, actively involved in scientific discoveries rather than just reading about them. I am a very articulate writer, winning the Shakespeare prize at my school for my English Literature coursework, an interpretation of King Lear. I would like to combine my flair for writing with my love of Geography, interpreting ground-breaking research as opposed to plays. I was elected Deputy Head Boy at my school by the student body and teachers, meaning I am involved in organising social events for our sixth form. My job as a lifeguard is another position of responsibility in the community which requires composure in dangerous situations.

I am an enthusiastic sportsman, playing and coaching to a high standard. In rugby I have represented my county at Under 16 and 17 age groups and captained my local team for a number of years. I also play tennis, representing Southwell First Men's team. I try to bring out the qualities I have gained through playing sport in younger children by coaching rugby to an Under 11s side. I have successfully completed my Level One coaching course along with Tennis Leaders and CSLA qualifications. I would love to become incorporated in the fabric of your university, becoming involved in sports and event organisation.

I see my future career role as a mediator between geographical research and the public, interpreting information in a way which would make it accessible to a greater variety of people. I want to raise awareness of the impending threat climate change poses our society, promoting sustainable energy sources as a key alternative to fossil fuels. Studying Geography offers me a unique opportunity to achieve a profession in which I could confront these issues.

My academic excellence, range of experiences and broad skill set mean I will be well suited to meet the highest of standards, overcoming any challenges that I face and thriving in an environment that both challenges and stimulates me.

I am fascinated by the intrinsic link between humanity and the environment in which it thrives. Physical Geography is a compelling area; it exposes the power and complexity of the natural forces which govern our earth, showing that we cannot exploit its resources for our own means without severe consequences...
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