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When I was very young, I used to love reading so much that my career ambition was to own a newsagents. This fondness for the written word has been in the background all of my life, and as the study became more intricate, I realised how interesting it could be. I have therefore chosen to study English at University, for enjoyment, for the analytical skills and for the wide experiences of life that literature covers

So far, my favourite genre is comedy, especially Stephen Fry, Chaucer and P.G. Wodehouse, although my experiences with all of these are limited. History has always been fascinating to me, and this ties into literature when I study why an author writes what and how he does. My study of mathematics complements my logical abilities and also my philosophical interests, which I also find influences literature a great deal

I have completed several periods of work experience, motivated by fun and/or interest. Working in a nursery school and also in a junior school was excellent fun. Particularly interesting was the way children learnt and discipline was applied. I have also been on a mini-pupillage in a Barrister's Chambers, which taught me a great deal about the profession, and have worked for a year in Allders department store, dealing with customers on the electrical department. This has given me confidence with the public and also considerable discipline

Recently, I have been considering training to become a barrister, for the academic quality and also the theatrical aspect. The satisfaction of an argument well won is something I relish

The atmosphere at my school is very competitive and stimulating. This intensity compliments my desire to learn and my intense self-motivation. This year I am serving as a prefect, a school librarian and also House Secretary. These all involve responsibility, organisational skills and strong presence in the school. Recently, there was held a summer school that studied some political philosophy and the absurd in literature, and I am also very pleased to have been awarded the school's English Literature prize. Drama is something I enjoy greatly, and I have appeared in a winning House Drama competition performance and soon the school's production of Cabaret

This is fantastic because I love to sing and am a member of the school's choral society

My main love is music and I own many CD's of all different genres. I have recently begun to learn the saxophone, and also own a guitar. My band has performed in a Battle of Bands competition - I am the vocalist. Other than that, I enjoy reading miscellaneous books and also outdoor activities. I am a member of the Scout Network and also Purbrook Scout Support Team. Also, I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, and am now going on to the Silver

There are many things that I still want to do and learn, and I see university as the best opportunity to get involved more in drama and music, try some debating and hopefully take up a sport. Although having done relatively little so far, I regard university as a place where I can realise my potential in every aspect of life and also have a lot of fun studying what I love.

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Why do people always write

Why do people always write 'At a young age' or 'From an early age' it sounds faintly Freudian and a little pedestrian, reducing the likelihood of being taken seriously.

I agree. "When I was little I

I agree. "When I was little I wanted to be a newsagent" isn't the most academically or intellectually impressive opening.

When I was little I wanted to be a trapeze artist.

Hardly relative to my degree.

im not sure why but i quite

im not sure why but i quite like that they wanted to be a newsagent, though it is a tad annoying that everyone starts theirs with when they were young.

I agree about the opening

I agree about the opening sentence, and saying "my experiences with all of these are limited" might give a bad impression considering you haven't included any other authors - maybe go into more detail about why you engaged with these authors?

I had like two days to write

I had like two days to write my personal statement to Oxford and started with 'From very early on'.. Yikes!

But I've had quite early offers from the other good universities I applied to: Nottingham, Birmingham, Exeter, Bangor. So I'm guessing the use of it can't be that bad. :(

Oh dear

Your paragraph structure is awful, and hardly any of this actually links to why you want to study English, other than the random first sentence about owning a newsagents!?!
Nothing stood out at all from this statement, and the huge section about music seemed particularly irrelevant.

I also found it funny how you wrote you are learning the saxophone and "own a guitar".
You own a guitar?
What made you think that was going to impress an admissions tutor? not even "i play the guitar", just the fact that you have a guitar in your posession.
Wow, well it's made me laugh if nothing else.

A bit sketchy...

A bit sketchy...

Overall, I didn't think there were enough links to the degree you wanted to study and why.
The fact you love singing, how does this relate to English?
It's fine to mention if you can tie it in, it's just doing this that can be the problem...

Also, taking up so many things in the last year sounds a bit like you've gone, 'oh dear, I have nothing to write in my personal statement, let me quickly do some things'. Which may well be true! But you want them to think you've done it because of your passion to improve/be a role model...etc

What universities did this

What universities did this person apply to & get accepted to?

more on your course you wanna

more on your course you wanna do would be good.

I love the opening line! It's

I love the opening line! It's quirky, funny and attention grabbing. Pity the rest doesn't hold it. A good draft though!

cds doesn't have an

cds doesn't have an apostrophe... good grammar is essential!

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