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I have a few strong passions in life; Indie music, Chelsea FC and literature. Since there are no university courses for the former two my decision concerning what to study at university is a simple one. ' The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones mad to live' was once said by Jack Kerouac in his work On The Road; the opportunity to experience living while studying amongst some of the finest literary minds in the country is overwhelmingly exciting for me. I
feel that for too long I have been confined to my suburban prison where my talent for English Literature is being wasted amongst the desolate, uninspiring confines of Mid Bedfordshire. Moreover, sidestepping the risk of sounding arrogant, I have been told I possess a flair for the subject and my grades would certainly suggest so.
The subjects I took for my AS levels were English Literature, History, Government and Politics and Communication Studies. For my A levels I decided to stop taking Communication Studies as I deemed it was best to focus on three subjects. Nevertheless, I believe that all three of these subjects have contributed more understanding to my knowledge of English Literature. History,
for example, has aided my ability to pick out key points within text and also contextualise any written work I may be asked to study. Government and Politics has taught me many political philosophies that are evident in literary works, for example in Year 12 we studied the play Translations which is littered with Nationalist and Imperialist viewpoints. Communications Studies revealed to me a whole new dictionary of ideologies I wasn't previously aware of. Another benefit of taking these subjects is that they are all examined by both coursework and timed exams. This means that through hours of practice and familiarisation I have refined my exam techniques.
Last year I was also fortunate enough to be selected to participate in a scheme organized by my school and the University of Bedford. It gave us the opportunity to get a glimpse of university life as I attended a number of lectures and achieved 15 points towards a potential degree through coursework I took part in. This was certainly an enlightening experience that will undoubtedly stand me in very good stead for the initial adjustment period that
accompanies the beginning of university life. This year I have been selected to take part in the Advance Extension Award. Not only is this a fantastic boost to my student repertoire but also the course itself should further aid my ability to realize my full potential in the subject.
When I achieve the required potential and finish my degree I have ambitions to utilise my skills as writer of some kind, preferably an author or a poet. My literary heroes are Thomas Hardy, John Keats, The Smiths lyricist Morrissey and my personal favourite Oscar Wilde. It is my dream to one day have my name illuminated in history as a writer who has inspired people in the same way these and other writers have inspired me.
Lastly, to quote Wilde; 'consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative'. As a student I am anything but consistent when it comes to the studying of literature. Of course by this I don't mean I can be as equally brilliant as awful, the Dorian Gray within me will tell you I am never awful, what I am articulating is that I bring my own ideas to the subject and do not
simply regurgitate answers that are well documented already. That is not to say that I do not thoroughly research and acknowledge the criticism of the works I study but in my opinion English Literature is an innovative subject where interpretation and creativity should dominate. Studying English Literature at university offers me a chance to showcase my love for literature and flourish. The Smiths had a hit song once called Ask and the chorus goes 'ask me, ask me, ask me.' Please do.

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This personal statement was written by tomsmith181290 for application in 2000.

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I was trying to articulate a statement that was both confident but not arrogant and able to showcase my talent for the creative and analytical aspects of my English.


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Very eloquent.

Just by reading this, I can tell that you're a very well-read, sophisticated young gentleman. Although I'm not applying for English Literature, I'd say your personal statement covers most of the criteria for a good statement! I'd certainly let you into my university, if you know what I mean ;)

I disagree with the author of

I disagree with the author of the [ironically titled] "If you ask me..." A personal statement is the only place to show the admission clerks your personality; this person doesn't just want to be a good writer, he wants to be respected.

I liked the use of classic and modern heroes, it makes him seem like a real person, not a created stereotype who does nothing but read every day.

I think it's excellent. Well done.

I like it, its honest and

I like it, its honest and amusing.

Dan Cody

best opening line i've ever read. keep writing you genius!

This is absolutely terrible

This is absolutely terrible


You are my hero!

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