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After careful consideration and consultation between my parents, tutor and teachers, I have chosen to apply for a degree course in English, as it is a subject for which I have a real passion, and would be useful for a future career in the media industry. I am currently studying A-Level English Language, and the course has enabled me to develop knowledge of interesting issues relating to the English language. For example, an intriguing topic I studied, involved the study on how each gender uses language, leading to interesting topics of discussion. I also looked at language used within the media industry, allowing me to develop an insight into journalistic styles of writing. I have also extended my linguistic skills, and am able to carry out in-depth textual analyses. English is a subject I have a real enthusiasm for and is a subject I'd like to continue studying

Alongside English, I am currently studying A-Levels in Media Studies and ICT, both of which I enjoy immensely. Media Studies has enabled me to have some experience of the work and issues involved in the media and is another subject I have a real interest in. The course has given me a useful insight into how the media works and the production techniques and values contributing to the creation of media texts

There have been many assignments that have been enjoyable. For example, I produced my own mock supplement for a Sunday newspaper, including celebrity pages and film reviews, using my linguistic and writing skills to my advantage. I also worked in a team to produce a short documentary on fast food consumption in the UK. I believe both projects were successful, achieving quality end products

In ICT, I have explored various multimedia packages and issues surrounding the computing industry, informing me on the role of communications in society. A favourite project of mine was designing a software package on Microsoft Excel. I decided to create a fantasy football competition for a secondary school, providing a comprehensive system for the students. I was proud of the end result and received the highest mark in the year

I believe I have achieved a lot during my education and have enjoyed the subjects I have studied. With my determination and willingness to succeed, I believe I am responsible enough to handle the transition to university life. I was selected to represent the Media Studies department in my college's prospectus, to inform future students about the course. I also represented my secondary school in a Mathematics Masterclass and was also picked to be a political party leader in a mock school general election, which involved speech writing and preparing manifestos as part of the campaign

Outside of my academic studies, I enjoy participating in sports, particularly football, of which I am a keen player and supporter. I also enjoy tennis and have been awarded certificates to a high level at swimming. I believe my participation in sports has allowed me to develop important teamwork and organizational skills. Other hobbies of mine include listening to music and playing chess. I am also computer literate, and often use the Internet, allowing me to develop web design and programming skills

In conclusion, I consider myself to be a dedicated and committed student, with an excellent attendance record and I am excited at the prospect of studying English at degree level and looking forward to getting into university life.

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Is it just me or does the

Is it just me or does the opening sentence imply this person did not choose their degree independently but had it thrust upon them by authority figures...?

I agree...and the grammar is

I agree...and the grammar is a bit sketchy in places.
Overall it's alright though, seeing as these Personal Statements are damned hard to write!

don't start like that, it was

don't start like that, it was probably written to convey a careful decision but really it just sounds like your lack independance and enthusiasm for the subject, which is not what admissions tutors want to see.

It's not exceptionally bad,

It's not exceptionally bad, but I don't feel it's a exceptionally good one either. Like another person said, it appears that you lack the enthusiasm and level of interest pretty much expected of an English student.

For starters, the majority of the statement does not have obvious relevance to English: with the exception of the first paragraph, nearly everything else seems to be about your intrest in media, IT, or you own achievements outside of study, and you don't appear to mention how these skills are related to your desire to study English at university - for example, you mention creating a fantasy football program at your school, but what English related skills does it show? And forgive me, but comments such as "received the highest mark in the year" sounds like bragging. And "I believe both projects were successful, achieving quality end products" sounds like bragging as well, only this time, the "I believe" suggests that it is your opinion rather than giving the actual result.

With a personal statement, you need to sell yourself, yes, but I feel that when you are applying for a subject like English you need to show subtlety and fairly advanced English.... which I don't feel you do here too much.

Grammar wise, it's not too bad, although I think you should try to use a much more varied vocabulary: the word "interesting" is used too much in the first paragraph, nearly every sentence in the statement has the word "I" or "me" in it, and your language appears too simplistic for someone who wants to study the subject further.

And lastly, aside from your achievements, you don't really say much about yourself as a person. At times, you're just reeling off in an almost list-like form what you've done. If you tried to make this statement more personal and more relevant to the subject of English, it'd be much better.

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