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When I was seven years old, I first read 'Twist of Gold' by Michael Morpurgo. When reading the book I was captivated by the absorbing plot, beguiling characters and incredibly vivid imagery. Since that time, I have been a passionate reader, particularly admiring the fluidity and profound depth of character and emotion that can be found in work by authors such as Sylvia Plath and Doris Lessing. It is this passion for the beauty created by authors and poets and the desire to explore it further that has led me to apply for a degree in English Literature.

I believe that studying both English Language and English Literature at A-Level has enabled me to gain a balanced comprehension of both the techniques used to create literature and the deeper structural make-up and historical origins of our language. I have found that studying Philosophy compliments these choices well, as it has allowed me to develop an understanding of how to construct a clear and compelling argument, and to explore some of the most profound concepts and ideologies that underpin our society and, indeed, our use of language as a whole.

Having spent my childhood as a voracious reader, I recognise the importance of instilling children with a sense of confidence when reading. For this reason, I secured a volunteering role at my local library helping with their 2012 'Reading Challenge'. This allowed me to explore the world of children's literature and the significance that a positive environment holds in ensuring an enjoyment of literature at a young age. I also spent time this summer volunteering at a six night camp for disabled teenagers. During the days, we took part in activities most of the teenagers had never engaged in before, such as sailing and archery. This was an incredibly rewarding experience, and highlighted to me the importance of supporting the families of children with disabilities.

I am passionate about drama and regularly perform in and stage-manage plays, as I believe that an element of live performance in dramatic literature is essential. I am also an enthusiastic singer and from 2008-2011 was a member of the world-class Farnham Youth Choir, giving me the opportunity to take part in competitions against some of the world's best choirs and to sing in internationally renowned venues. Through the choir, I developed a love of classical music and a deep respect for the composers and conductors who dedicate their lives to uniting people of all backgrounds through music. I also enjoy solo singing and regularly performed in front of over 1000 people during senior school. These experiences were excellent confidence building activities and helped me to improve and expand my knowledge of music and performance.

In 2011 I took part in a three week research expedition run by my senior school to Greenland. To earn a place on this trip I was interviewed for one of twenty-one places along with over 200 other students. During the trip my team-mates and I collected ice-samples that were then used by the British Meteorological Society and the British Antarctic Survey for research into climate change. Also during my time at senior school I was chosen from over 250 students to be one of sixteen Reading Mentors, assisting younger students with comprehension tasks that they had previously found challenging. Similarly, in September I was asked by Godalming College to be an English Mentor, a role that involves helping Lower-Sixth students to understand the criteria and skills required for the English Literature AS course.

I greatly look forward to studying English at degree level, and anticipate the challenges of a thought-provoking and stimulating course.

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