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While working in the stock broker I became 100% sure that I wanted to study Economics at university. I gained employment at a Stock Broker office as a Monitor Operator in Bangladesh and my duty was to monitor the daily price list of trading of shares at the beginning of the day and then preparing trading reports at the end. My work experience provided me with valuable knowledge of economical issues where I gained practical knowledge of how the dealings on stock exchange are carried out. I observed how other Brokers were dealing with the shares and had opportunities to talk with them about their ideas and experiences. From these discussions I found out how the complex world of the stock exchange predominantly uses the simple market mechanism of demand and supply to determine the price of shares.
The journey from a high school of Bangladesh to a college in the UK proved to be more challenging than the dealings of the shares. But the success of my journey was highlighted when I was recently announced as the top scorer in one of my exams. I am currently taking part in “Ifs Student Investor Challenge” where I could put together both my academic and work experience to gain higher profits from my investment on share market.
Over the last summer I was researching on the current economic situation of UK and Eurozone. I researched around the debate "Should UK join euro to improve on its current macro economic performance". My extended project is based on that topic. The project has showed me the importance of time management and planning before doing something. It has also allowed me to grow the skills of independent study.
I have found the practical use of market theories from my day-to-day life to the interpretation of national budget as well. I have found the basic economic problem as the main problem in many areas of life. The use of statistical data while making any forecast is really helpful. I always try to support my economical arguments with the use of statistical data. Business studies had also helped me to understand how the changes made on the economy could affect the business and its tactical and strategic objectives. The skills on further maths and Business studies proved to be the most useful skills to me while evaluating the economical theories. So I have a good foundation of these subjects that also allows me to gain higher knowledge without any difficulties.
I also work at a restaurant as a Head Waiter, which is a position of important responsibility and involves leading a small team of staff. This has helped me to develop important skills such as communicating with a wide range of people, discipline and working in a pressurised environment to tight deadlines. I work the equivalent of full time hours but despite this I have never made any compromise with my studies. I am a founding member of an Economics society at college, where myself and other students meet weekly to discuss current economical issues and the impact they are having in the world. This highlights my genuine care and passion for the subject. At present I also act as a Mentor to AS Economic students at the college, helping them with the topics they find difficult to understand. This is an excellent way of testing my knowledge as well as passing it on to others and it is rewarding when you help someone improve their studies. In my spare time I like to play badminton, chess, I also like to read the economic reviews and the economy page of BBC to stay updated with the recent economic stories around the world and mainly about UK.
My desire to study a degree course in Economics relates to my goal of wanting to work on the monetary section of the Bank of England and to ultimately have a positive impact on the UK's economy. I look forward to the challenges that studying in higher education will bring and improving my knowledge and understanding of an inspiring subject.

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I have tried my best to make my statement look good and also have written everything about me so that it becomes a reflection of me.


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