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“Can I have the sirloin steak served with the oven dried tomatoes and pizzaiola sauce? This was the order of a girl between the ages of 10-14yrs. This choice of dish made me evaluate people’s reasons behind the food they eat and whether these choices are influenced by the people around them or their own individual decision. Did she choose it because there was no other choice on the menu that she preferred or because she was at a fine dining restaurant?

I am captivated by the nutritional needs of different types of people and the reasons behind them, which is why I have chosen to study nutrition and dietetics at degree level and continue on into further research at MSc level.

I am mostly looking forward to covering the topic of Disease and food in greater depth as being from Rwanda, Africa which is a high risk area for HIV/AIDS I have always been interested in the nutritional needs of people with diseases such as HIV and how the correct nutrition can benefit the disease.

My studies in Biology AS has confirmed my interest in the human body, I most enjoyed the topics of Atherosclerosis and diet and how the functioning of the human body relies on the synchronized workings of the most minuscule cell to the largest organ in order to function at its best.

My research project for the Academic Assignment on “whether fiber is overrated or underrated in the prevention of colorectal cancer” gave me time management skills as I had to organise every aspect of my research to met the deadlines, this helped build confidence in choosing my own topics of interest to study. I have also taken an interest in dietetics outside of college by attending a Sutton trust summer school, where I used my practical skills to study the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

I have visited open days and talks about the dietetics course to further my knowledge about the course and develop my understanding of the key issues in nutrition.

My work experience shadowing a community dietician helped me to gain extra knowledge about a dieticians work. I came into contact with patients who had various underlining health issues such as diabetes. I was particularly fascinated with how each patient trusted and valued the help of the dietician’s advice.

This experience highlighted the importance of one to one communication with patients and how to handle sensitive information. Working at Radisson Hotel Blu as a waitress has helped me develop strong team working skills and good communication skills, skills which are vital in the dietetics profession in order to communicate effectively with patients.

I have a range of creative and active hobbies outside of school which help me to keep a healthy balance; my love for music is expressed through a gospel group where I sing every Wednesday for the past 2 years, this gives me the skills to communicate with people of different interests to me which is a skill I highly value as its important to understand others when pursuing a healthcare career.

I was a part of athletics and dance clubs at school which helped to improve my teamwork and leadership skills as being older meant we had to look after younger pupils and build close relationships to help them feel at ease. I look forward to taking part in more sports activities at university.

My wide range of experience and hobbies has kick started my ambition for a career in dietetics and I hope to continue my journey into higher education in a new and diverse environment in which I can build on my skills and apply them to this course

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