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Writing has always been a big part of my life, it allows me to create a world of limitless possibilities, a world where rules are non-existent. My imagination is a key aspect of my writing, it allows me to go beyond the limits of life and shape the very face of reality. Any person can just imagine something, but it takes skill to transform simple thoughts into words.

Writers need the ability to captivate their audience through the stimulation of their emotions. Novelists including Louis Sachar, Roald Dahl and C.S. Lewis introduced me to the free world of creativity and encouraged me to aspire to become a great writer like them. To them, writing is not just a passion; they view it as a way of life, a complex form of communication. I see university as the gateway to professionalism, so choosing to study at university is a huge step forward.

At the moment, writing for me is a hobby, but I wish to transform that hobby into a fully-fledged career. My fondness for writing began at an early age and as a voracious reader, I found the inspiration to begin writing short stories. Fascinated by the extensive minds of writers and how they are able to create boundless worlds with no restrictions, I bravely chose to pursue a career in writing.

For three years I studied Travel and Tourism in college; it was a challenging course filled with a great deal of career opportunities. Similar to writing, travel is something that has influenced me greatly. In my final year however, I decided that a career revolving around travel and tourism would not be ideal for me. I am thankful that the course did at least help me gain some skills needed for university including communication and interpersonal skills.

In school, I always managed to excel in English; I received the English Department Award for my fantastic attitude and effort towards the subject in 2011. I remember studying and analysing pieces of writing
created by famous screenwriters, poets and novelists. I would investigate how John Steinbeck perfectly portrayed his characters in the midst of the Great Depression in '_Of Mice and Men' _or how William Shakespeare showed the extent of love between two people in '_Romeo and Juliet'_.

Bumps on the road of my life as well as the extreme pressure of exams led to me not achieving as well as I could in English during my final school years. However, my sheer determination got me back on track, in college I completed Functional Skills English Level 2 and was awarded with a certificate for my completion of a writing project the year after.

In Years 9 and 10 in Secondary School, I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Drama programme in which I would get the chance to see multiple live theatre performances throughout the year. I visited famous London theatres and viewed plays including Willy Russell's '_Blood Brothers'_, William Golding's '_Lord of the Flies'_ and Terence Rattigan's '_The Winslow Boy'_.

I also had the chance to see '_Macbeth'_ at Shakespeare's Globe during my final year at Secondary School which was a truly unforgettable experience. Being able to see these plays up close helped to give me a much clearer understanding of screenwriting.

Socialising with friends is an important aspect of my life and one of my main hobbies outside of reading and writing. I enjoy meeting new people as it helps to strengthen my social skills and build better relationships with others. Some of my other favourite hobbies include walking, visiting new places and surfing the internet.

I believe that university will allow me to build on my hobbies and become a more independent and influential person altogether. I hope that university will give me the opportunity to thrive as a writer. I look forward to engaging in a course that I have desired to do for so long, I also wish to excel at it and make a good contribution to the university and the surrounding community.

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Writing has always been a big part of my life, it allows me to create a world of limitless possibilities...


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