Biochemistry Personal Statement Example 11

A few years ago my grandmother was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in her right breast. After a few sessions of chemotherapy and a surgical procedure, the lump was removed from her body. The moment left me bereft, and my emotional attachment to her made me curious to learn in depth about the mechanisms involved in the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells. Thus I engrossed myself into knowing more about the condition by researching through different mediums including textbooks, blogs online and informative videos. My passion for Biochemistry stemmed from my desire to find a cure to the disease with fewer side-effects.

To fulfil the requirements of the curriculum, I undertook projects in Biology, Chemistry and Physics which developed my interest in the diversity of science. This opportunity enabled me to collate and combine a wide range of information and formulate rules and conclusions. Moreover, I got the chance to enhance my IT skills and write in a scientific manner by completing an articulate presentation based on social evils in India. I have been consistently rewarded for my efforts and hard work with scholar certificates for seven years. Integrated projects (which are to be completed in a group ) have skilled me to coordinate with all the members of a team, assessing not only one’s individual performance, but also the performance of other members of the group and thereby taking the appropriate step of action. The Problem Solving Assessment has helped me to develop my analytical and decision making skills.

Eager to learn more about this fascinating branch of science, I participated in an internship at the Max Hospital in Gurgaon as part of the “World of Work” programme. This helped me learn about the basic work culture of the health city and the nuances involved. Fascinated to learn further about the latest research in the world of science, I have read many articles from reputed organisations, to include an article about the development of an antibiotic synthetic spider silk for use in tissue engineering and biomedicine. Also, I have participated in a large number of socio-cultural events majorly contributing in the field of art and music.

I have a strong desire to work for the welfare of society and this has encouraged me to participate in charitable events. I have worked for the campaign #HUMvsDENGUE where I received a recognition for collecting the highest individual amount of Rs.25, 845 in November 2016.The experience was unparalleled in terms of the immense satisfaction that I derived. Volunteering with the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation (a spiritual and humanitarian movement), I take part in various cleanliness drives based in different public sectors of Delhi. This expanded my exposure to the hygiene conditions of my country and I am aware of the importance of taking necessary precautions and measures to avoid cross infection when undergoing substantial research.

My upmost desire is now to find an affordable cure for cancer and undertake further research in the field of oncology. Upon completion of this undergraduate course, I wish to undertake a postgraduate pursue a PhD. in this field, which would give me a wide experience in the field of research. Also, it would strengthen my profile and build my confidence in the sphere of laboratory-based research. I hope to gain access to independent and industrial research in addition to college teaching. In the future, I hope to contribute in the field of research and become an asset to one of the prestigious institutes of research.
I believe I am a committed, compassionate and competent individual who has the potential of rising up to the challenges of university life academically and socially, and along with my drive, determination and perseverance, I hope to flourish at your reputed university and in the field of research beyond.

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