21/05/12             Applying to university - how to choose your course

We're recommended as a useful site in the Guardian's article on choosing a university course.

27/04/12                       Studential featured in The Lady

This week, England's longest-running weekly magazine, The Lady, recommended us in their article on the UCAS personal statement.

19/08/10     A level results: Failure isn't falling down, it's not getting up again

Peter Dix, writing for the Telegraph, recommends our site for university interview tips.

08/06/10     University Guide 2011: How to get your place at university 

Lucy Tobin, writing for the Guardian, recommends our site to help you write your personal statement for your UCAS application.

12/05/09     Think of the personal statement as a mini essay

Lucy Tobin, writing in the Guardian education section, recommends our site for advice on how to write your UCAS personal statement.

17/09/07      Freshers' Week: Get the party started

Studential is linked to at the bottom of this Independent article for impartial advice on student life.

21/03/07      Thousands of students are using their mobiles to cheat in exams. They should be punished. Discuss.

Studential is mentioned in a Guardian comment article, which refers to the 800 or so medical school applicants who plagiarised their personal statement using samples from the site.

08/03/07      The applicants who all had burnt pyjamas

Studential is featured in an article in the Times newspaper on the large number of university applicants copying chunks of other people's personal statements posted on the site.