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Gap Year Sport Programs

You might be interested in keeping your Gap year active by taking up a new sport or developing an old one.

This can be a great way to keep fit and enjoy yourself and the best thing is that most of them can be done anywhere, even whilst travelling.

Choosing a gap year sports program

  • Time scales - give yourself enough time to learn the sport to your desired ability but also to relax whilst learning. Training can be tiring and your gap year should not be the time to getting stressed!
  • Money - consider costs. Don’t skimp out on safety equipment as you may regret it otherwise but do try and think of money saving techniques. Perhaps try teaching yourself after a few lessons or beg, borrow or steal second hand equipment which family or other travellers may not need anymore.
  • Different - try something new or if you already have an idea of what sport you want to develop, think about whether you could do this in a new way.

Making your sports program a unique experience

Your gap year is going to be the best time to try new things so don’t be afraid to experiment with new sports - you may find yourself interested in anything from martial arts to scuba diving.

Here are some ideas for ways to make a unique and exciting experience from sports during your gap year, so make sure to attempt at least one!

  • Try out different national sports and find out what’s best in the area. Whilst abroad  you may get the chance to sand surf, ski or partake in sports you may never even  have heard of so really embrace what each country has to offer.
  • Consider the scenery, trekking or sky diving can be done in the most diverse settings so take a while to think about where would be ideal for you.
  • Why not take up the challenge of teaching a sport instead? Many volunteering opportunities exist in which you can get involved with training sessions to help deprived kids to develop their skills and enjoy sports
  • If you’re really keen on a particular sport you may want to consider paying for classes whilst abroad. Have a good look at what’s on offer as there are many unique opportunities out there for travellers. These include learning to surf whilst looking after turtle eggs, mastering Kung Fu so you can break bricks with your bare hands, and improving your sailing skills whilst snorkelling and swimming along the way!

Remember that some sports may be tougher than others and may take you a lot of time to get to grips with so it’s best to speak to an instructor or begin by taking lessons to get you started.

Most of all, remember that sports are meant to be enjoyable and team sports are a great way of socialising so try your best to make the most of it and have fun along the way!

Further information

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