Career Plan Template

Fill out the information in the template below in as much detail as you can within 10 minutes – we recommend you dedicate a few minutes to each one.

Your answers will form the basis of finding out which careers might be right for you.

1. Interests

Write down what you enjoy doing and why. Think about:

  • Subjects you enjoy studying
  • Hobbies, extracurricular activities and anything else you do outside of the classroom.

2. Aptitudes

Write down:

  • Your strengths – what are you good at? E.g. numeracy, literacy, problem solving.
  • Your weaknesses – what areas could you improve in? Do you want to develop them further, or do you not enjoy them enough and think they are best avoided?

3. Personality

Write down some words or phrases that you think describe yourself, e.g. patient, communicative, active.

Don’t worry if you struggle with this part – it’s difficult to look at yourself objectively, and you can always pad it out later when you have taken some personality or psychometric tests.

4. Values and beliefs

Write down any values or beliefs you hold that you feel may either:

  • Prevent you from working in a certain industry
  • Motivate you toward a particular career or industry.

Once you have completed this plan, go back to our Careers Advice Guide for tips on starting to explore careers, and using these notes to find the right options for you.

Further information

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