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I am currently a student of English Language, English Literature and Media at West Herts. College in Hertfordshire, and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. Whereas in secondary school nothing was really required as teachers were more inclined to help their pupils, teachers of A Level subjects expect more independent research and study. This is an opportunity for me to learn the skills that are needed within University. These would include journal readings and independent source research.

I have been interested in learning about the structure of the English language, how it is used, and about different texts and novels in the literary world since I began to study it in year seven. In secondary school, we focused to plays such as Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, and novels such as To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Reading these increased my interest in books and learning, and I began to branch out further, reading other books and plays that were recommended by teachers and friends.

I have always worked my hardest to improve my grasp of Linguistics. As a child I worked during the summer holidays in the years before I moved to secondary school improving my use of grammar and spelling.

I have already included one of my main interests (reading). Other interests and hobbies that I have include writing short stories and poems, listening and practising music - I play the flute recreationally, and films and cinema. I also enjoy using computers, and would consider myself computer literate. I can competently use programmes such as Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word and Publisher. I also have a good knowledge of the programme Adobe Photoshop.

Outside college I currently work part time in Primark Stores in Watford as a Sales Assistant. My duties include working with many different types of people and cultures, and working as part of team as well as individually.

I wish to attend University, specifically within the South of England, because of the growing experience that I believe I would benefit from if I did. I believe that with the right facilities and resources I would have the ability to work well and get the best grade possible by the end of my time at University.

I believe that I would be an asset to any University that accepted me as a student, as I am willing to study hard and put in however much work it may take. I am dedicated to achieving attainable results.

At the end of my time at University, I wish to pursue a career in either Journalism or Lexicography.

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This personal statement was written by Cllnpix for application in 2007.


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I would personally name the

I would personally name the books that u studied in your own time rather than those you were told to study at school.

I don't think its

I don't think its particularly necessary to mention your competence with computers in such detail because its not very relevant and they're not going to pick you over someone else just because you can use Adobe Acrobat.

I mean adobe photoshop.

I mean adobe photoshop.

This is really bad.

This is really bad.

I know this is a personal statement -but you've practically told me your life story: "I go to West Herts. College in Hertfordshire...I work in Primark stores in Watford as a sales assistant".

AND WHAT ON EARTH: "I have already included one of my hobbies (reading)." I don't suppose you were thinking aloud - because it certainly sounds like you were.

And why, OH WHY, have you talked so much about IT? The admissions tutor (FOR ENGLISH) is hardly going to offer you an interview if you're going about computers...may as well apply for Computing!

I'll give you that some (and by 'some', I mean very few) parts of this statement have been effectively written. However, the majority of it does not sound mature. Apologies for being so upfront, but I am being honest.

"My duties include working

"My duties include working with many different types of people and cultures, and working as part of team as well as individually."

You work with cultures? That's interesting. How exactly do you do that?


Major thanks for the blog post.Thanks Again.

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