Mathematics personal statements

Mathematics personal statement
I have always been fascinated by my mathematical studies and, having a flair for the subject, there was never any doubt that I would choose mathematics as a degree. It is a pivotal subject on which so many others depend (such as physics and chemistry)..

Maths and computing personal statement
The study of mathematical sciences has intrigued me for many years. The decision to study A levels in both Maths and Physics stemmed from a high interest level and strong aptitude in both subject areas..

Maths and Philosophy personal statement
I believe that there are two ways to look at how the world develops: the first is through the progress of history and human civilisation, and the second is through the progress of knowledge and human understanding..

Mathematics & Computer Science personal statement
When asked why I like Mathematics, I realised that it is all down to my personality. Being a composed, explicit person, I enjoy the challenge of questions with unequivocal answers. My character’s orderly side draws me enthusiastically towards neat solutions, my creativity gives rise to my acceptance of new ideas and my positive mind results in my wish to succeed..

Maths personal statement
Mathematics is a subject that I have thoroughly enjoyed throughout my school years. The challenge of thinking and the process of logic always attract me to Mathematical problems, however difficult and regardless of the form in which they come..

Maths personal statement
During my first year in sixth form I have come to realise the importance of mathematics in everyday life, a base to so many subject areas such as physics and engineering. I am starting to see how the things I have learnt may be adapted and used in a practical situation..

Maths Personal Statement
I am extremely enthusiastic about my decision to read Mathematics at university as for as long as I can remember Maths has always been my main academic interest. From learning to count at primary school, to studying calculus towards my Mathematics A level, I have found this subject intriguing due to its obvious application to the real world..

Maths personal statement
Mathematical logic and concepts underlie functionality of practically every process from rocket science to the budget of a household. It is this diversity of application that intrigues me and makes me want to study it in depth..

Maths and Economics Personal Statement
By skimming through a daily broadsheet or examining journals such as ‘The Economist’ it is clear to see that economic issues affect everyone both locally as well as on a global scale. However, I have been interested by Mathematics for many years and have found my enjoyment for it has increased as the depth of my understanding has grown..

Pure Mathematics Personal Statement
Mathematics is beautiful to me because of the deep and meaningful ideas touched upon by it, the vastness of these ideas, the clearness and elegance of their representation. Mathematics gives me the ability to apply knowledge by approaching things logically, and thinking clearly..

Maths Personal Statement
The idea of proof has always held a real fascination for me. The process of starting from a simple set of axioms and deriving almost any mathematical truth (putting Godel to one side) is what truly separates Mathematics from any other subject..

Maths personal statement
Mathematics can, at times, be the single most frustrating subject I have ever studied, yet I love it. The euphoria of completing a particularly hard puzzle, or the sudden realisation of a particular topic clicking into place, makes the challenge and the hard work all the more worthwhile..

Mathematics Personal Statement
'Why study Mathematics?' I believe Marcus Du Sautoy explains perfectly (in his book 'The Music of The Primes'); it is 'the emotional buzz the mathematician experiences in charting new pathways across the mathematical landscape'..

Mathematics personal statement
"A woman cannot become a scientist." I have heard my father say this on numerous occasions; and while my parents encouraged me in a wide variety of endeavours with the aim of raising a well-rounded individual, there was one area they did not ever encourage me to explore: dad strongly believed that science and particularly mathematics is not for women..

Actuarial Sciences personal statement
My aptitude towards mathematics aroused because of its simplicity, that as long as you follow the right steps in a systematic order, you will reach the correct answer. At the same time, the challenge which it provides, with its complex yet logical questions, makes it highly addictive for me..

Maths personal statement
At the start of my Mathematics course I thought I knew quite a lot about the subject. Now, having studied it for 12 months, I have realised that there is so much more to learn than I originally thought..

Maths personal statement
The accumulating comprehension of fascinating interconnected truths that comes from the study of mathematics is what draws me to it. I believe this alone justifies the study of mathematics for its own sake, without considering its numerous applications..

Mathematics Personal Statement
Science, to me, is the pivotal answer to all phenomenal events in the world and maths is an intrinsic part of science itself. Mathematical logic and ideas underlie a variety of problems from the manufacturing process of an iPod to our shopping budget..

Risk and Stochastic Personal Statement
I always like mathematics and its application. My curiosity and mathematical mind led me to number of mathematical school competitions, I must say not without awards there and further to Small Academy of Science (SAS) on Mathematical department of course..

Actuarial Science personal statement
Catering for the future is one of the most beneficial practises of everyday life, and without foreseeing what liabilities may lay ahead, it is difficult to propose a plan of action in the event of such circumstances..

Computer Science & Mathematics personal Statement
I have always been fascinated by Mathematics and I really enjoy the delightful feeling I get after solving a difficult problem. Everything that is happening from rocket science to simple day to day life problems can be explained in a mathematical way and that is the beauty of this subject..

Mathematics BSc Personal Statement
Mathematics still remaind as my most favorite subject. Having it as a compulsory subject for five years and one of the subjects I have chosen for my college semester, studying it made me realize just how important it is applied in everyday life, from basic counting to solving complex practical problems..

Actuarial Studies personal statement
From a very young age, solving problems and identifying patterns has been something I have enjoyed. As a result of this, maths has become my favourite subject at school. Mathematics requires one to work towards a definite answer, particularly in challenging problems, which I find exciting..

Mathematics Personal Statement
My propensity for Mathematics is derived from its systematic, yet far from simplistic nature. Problems can, in fact must, be solved through the use of logic and intellect; solutions can never be realised through the customary memorisation of facts and definitions associated with other disciplines, yet there is a distinct and logical order to all things Mathematical, which, to me, epitomises my passion for the subject..

Mathematics and Philosophy Personal Statement
Bertrand Russell once said: “Science is what you know. Philosophy is what you don't know.” I have always been fascinated by the things that stretch our understanding and knowledge of the world to the limits; the vastness of the universe, the extent of the number line, the existence of a superior being and the workings of the human brain, to name a few..

Mathematics Personal Statement
It all started with my first multiplication. I had already learned addition and substraction, and my teacher introduced me to a new way of manipulating numbers. I was 6 years old, pretending that it was at that exact moment that I decided to study pure mathematics would be a lie..

Mathematics Personal Statement
I find Mathematics to be an extremely enjoyable and invigorating subject. What I find most fascinating about Mathematics is the application of logic and analysis it allows, as well as the intellectual stimulation it provides..

Maths and Psychology personal statement
People often refer to mathematics as an art as well as a science and I can really understand and see what they mean by this; the number line is so complex and artistic in patterns that spring up and vast area of different topics that crop up in mathematics..

Mathematics Personal Statement
'Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas'. Mathematics is the language of reason, an expression of logic that makes sense of the world through numbers rather than words or feelings..

Maths Personal Statement
My fascination with maths derives from its symbiotic relationship with the human world; as said by Roger Deacon "the things of this world cannot be known without a knowledge of maths". To me, the beauty of maths is that there is an international system of evolving logic in which develops an answer that's unequivocal and always right..

Statics personal statement
I have always been fascinated by mathematics mainly because it involved more of understanding and less of memorizing stuff and in a way statistics is an applied part of mathematics. Even though I do admit the fact that my introduction to statistics has been purely accidental, I m amazed by the subject..

Mathematics personal statement
Many perceive Mathematics as the queen of all sciences,the true language of knowledge, and though it has been studied around the world for centuries,its nature in Greece is somehow distinct from that anywhere else..

Mathematics personal statement
Having been raised during a turbulent and dynamic period of structural reforms that took place in my native country; I was witness to the creation and ensuing burst of the Cyprus Stock Market bubble and its consequent recovery..

Maths and Philosophy personal statement
In order to use logic successfully, one must discover truths, otherwise the solutions are generally useless. The natural sciences are committed to discovering truths so that we may better understand and improve the world..

Mathematics and economy personal statement
In Mathematics there is no good, no evil, no tomorrow, no yesterday, no reality. I have always been attracted to Mathematics by the unquestionable symmetry that surrounds us everything being based on means of geometry..

Maths/actuarial science personal statement
"It has become a very strange and perhaps frightening subject from the ordinary point of view,but anyone who penetrates into it will find a veritable fairyland"( Kasner E and Newman J).This saying is perhaps the most fitted to describe my enthusiasm for Maths..

Actuarial Science personal statement
Passion is the drive that keeps me going. My inclination towards Mathematics has drawn me to pursue a degree in Actuarial Science. The ability to apply mathematics and statistics in my working life in the future would allow me to continuously engage in situations requiring analytical and problem-solving skills..

Mathematics and Engineering Personal Statement
Questions regarding the reason for my liking of mathematics have only one answer: mathematical logic and concepts contribute to a practical approach in every aspect of life. It is the diversity and universal applicability of this subject that encourages me to delve further and study it in depth..

Maths personal statement
At the entrance to Plato's academy in ancient Greece, stood a sign which warned, "Let no-one ignorant of mathematics enter here." Like Plato I believe in the importance of mathematics, and its influence over nearly every walk of life..

Mathematics personal statement
To me, Maths is an essential tool that is crucial to understanding our environment; it gave birth to advanced technological development, which has improved our quality of life. Furthermore, Mathematics challenges us to think more diversely in order to introduce new theoretical concepts that can be tested and applied to encourage the evolution of our numerical and technical knowledge..

Mathematics personal statement
Mathematics is at the root of many academic subjects, such as mechanics in Physics, organic Chemistry and even Music and this is why I find it so fascinating. The process of starting from a simple set of formulae and deriving nearly all mathematical truth from these is what makes Mathematics a leading academic subject..

Maths /Actuarial Science personal statement
“If people don’t believe that Mathematics is simple, it’s only because they don’t realize how complicated life is.”J.L Neumann. This saying perhaps makes more sense to me than to anyone else and is most suited to describe my zeal for Mathematics..

Maths personal statement
As stated by Simon Singh, Mathematics is “the purest form of thought”. Although it has many practical uses such as the design of buildings and the study of natural phenomena, it is the fact that numbers exist independently of the natural world we recognise that inspires my interest in the subject..

Mathematics/ Actuarial Science personal statement
Mathematics is not just a mere subject but a universal language. Its plethora of Greek symbols interlaced with numbers makes it seem like a clandestine code, which has to be deciphered. This aside, I believe the real magic of Mathematics lies not with its method of execution, but its definite solutions founded on irrefutable proofs, not ignoring the seemingly endless array of applications..

Mathematics Personal Statement
Mathematics is the fundamental basis of science. I want to understand just how the world hangs together, and maths seems to provide me with a solid foundation for my understanding of many other fields of knowledge..

Maths and Computer Science personal statement
I believe that Mathematics is a key part of life. Being ambitious and willing to face challenges, asking questions and exploring problems without quite knowing how the solution will emerge are the key to my interest in Mathematics..

Maths and Science Statement personal statement
Personal statement I enjoy learning, developing and exploring new ideas, concepts and ways of working. An interest that I hope may lead to a mentoring or teaching position, where I will be able to share ideas in a researching, developing and learning environment..

Mathematics Personal Statement
The challenge of problem solving has always been key to my passion for mathematics. For me, the satisfaction gained from systematically working through a complex problem to an often unobvious solution is unmatched by other areas of study..

Maths Personal Statement
'When is something maths?'. To ask this question would generate many replies perhaps declaring 'doing complex calculations' or 'working out sums', but it is simply so much more. To me, mathematics is a language, explaining how our world works, such as why things exist as they do in geometrical space..

Maths and Economic Personal Statement
The application of mathematics in the real world has always fascinated me. Mathematics acts as a base from which economics progresses, with such skills as differentiation needed to find the elasticity coefficients in higher education..

Mathematics personal statement
Mathematics is a language of science which portrays just merely anything in this world better than any other way we distinguish.The more we discover nature,the more mathematical association revealed by doing so..

Mathematics & Computer Science personal statement
I have found Mathematics a fascinating subject since my early years. I enjoy it as it is challenging and logical. I am particularly interested in Decision Mathematics as it is a field that is directly related to real-life applications of Mathematics and can be used to solve problems, such as finding the optimal solution for transporting materials from one place to another while minimizing the cost..

Maths with Management personal statement (HK international student)
There is no doubt that Mathematics is the most important element supporting science and business. Without the equation 'E=mc2', Einstein's 'Mass-energy equivalence' can only be a concept, but not a theory..

Mathematics personal statement
I have always had a passion and a thorough understanding of the subject of Mathematics. This helped me to progress academically because, unlike a lot of people, I have not had to worry about passing my GCSE Maths exams..

Financial Mathematics personal statement
In the financial sector, decisions must be made in split seconds that can result in either vast profits or significant losses. The collapse of Lehman Brothers, demonstrated to me the vulnerability of all businesses as the size and level of profit does not matter as poor decisions can still create loss..

Maths personal statement
What I love about maths is that it has no limits. It fascinates me: the formulae, the theorems, the logic. My original interest in the subject was triggered several years ago when I started discussing maths and physics with my dad..

Financial Mathematics Personal Statement
Studying mathematics is a pure pleasure for me and I take pride in my achievements in the subject. What makes maths so interesting is its foundations in the real world; for instance, the Fibonacci numbers that arise all through nature, the notes played by a guitar string producing standing waves at different frequencies of sound and algebra which is used to create special effects in animated films and TV shows..

Maths/Physics and Philosophy Personal Statement
No description

Maths and Actuarial Science Personal Statement
Maths is a subject like no other; its complexity makes it a challenging and often frustrating area of study, however the logic behind every problem leaves a feeling of certainty about it. My devotion to the subject has grown exponentially, especially in recent years..

Mathematics and actuarial science
My passion for mathematics started as a young girl in China when I used to hide in the bathroom at night to solve mathematical questions by torchlight. I have a naturally inquisitive mind and the enjoyment of numerical investigation gives me the motivation to learn more..

Maths and Spanish personal statement
For as long as I have recognised words and numbers, I have seen a connection between the two. As I progressed in the AS Mathematics course I realised how drawn I was to the subject, motivating me to spend 2 weeks at school over the summer holidays learning 2 entire AS Further Maths modules, in order to take the full A-level course in one year..

Mathematics and Music Personal Statement
There are only two languages that are undeniably understood across the world. However, just like every other language, some people are more fluent than others. The two unique languages offer us as humans to communicate with each other on such a powerful level, that they cannot be matched..

Mathematics and Physics
Mathematics is a fundamental tool for understanding our world: it can be used to define the symmetry of flowers or to manage global companies. What is so appealing about mathematics is the opportunity of applying it in the physical world..

Mathematics and Economics PS
As Pythagoras may have said, (Ambitious)2 + (Bold)2 = (Critical thinker)2 makes a perfect student and is what I strive to be. From the simple Pythagorean to the complex Fermat's Last Theorem, mathematics is a never ending branch of study which I enthusiastically enjoy studying and why I wish to pursue it even further at university..

Maths personal statement
Mathematics dictates our understanding of the universe; the sciences that the world depends on today are founded and dependant on maths. Scientists and mathematicians spend their lives making remarkable discoveries contributing to the development of humanity, the findings we have been making in fields like quantum mechanics would be completely impossible without maths..


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