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These UCAS personal statements can be used as examples to give you an idea of how to write and structure your own. Choose a category from the list below to see personal statements for that subject.

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Please do not copy chunks from any of these personal statements, or plagiarise them directly. Apart from possibly losing your place at university, it's unfair and there are now ways that you can be caught copying someone else's statement.

If you are having problems writing yours, use the personal statement guide rather than taking the credit for somebody else's work.

Some personal statements have been donated anonymously, but for others, the author has offered more information about themselves, such as what universities and courses they applied for, and whether they were made an offer. Use this information to give you an idea of the sort of things which get people accepted into top universities.

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Top rated personal statements (10)

We now list personal statements based on the universities the writer applied to. Check out personal statements for Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial and many more universities.

Accountancy (27)
Actuarial Science (9)
Agriculture (2)
American Studies (3)
Anthropology (10)
Archaeology (14)
Architecture (24)
Area Studies (2)
Art and Design (40)
Biochemistry (9)
Bioengineering (2)
Biology (68)
Biomedical Science (31)
Biotechnology (4)
Business (85)
Business and Management (54)
Catering and Food (3)
Chemistry (29)
Classics (4)
Computer Science (66)
Computing and IT (110)
Criminology (19)
Dentistry (13)
Design (18)
Dietetics (2)
Drama (15)
Economics (78)
Education (25)
Engineering (125)
English (102)
Environment (8)
Environmental Science (6)
Event Management (3)
Fashion (7)
Film (15)
Finance (39)
Forensic Science (4)
Geography (33)
Geology (4)
Health Sciences (16)
History (77)
History of Art (1)
Hotel Management (3)
International Relations (42)
International Studies (3)
Islamic Studies (1)
Japanese Studies (6)
Journalism (11)
Land Economy (1)
Languages (42)
Law (120)
Linguistics (10)
Management (19)
Marketing (8)
Mathematics (65)
Media (33)
Medicine (90)
Midwifery (7)
Music (19)
Music Technolog (4)
Natural Sciences (7)
Neuroscience (7)
Nursing (22)
Occupational Therapy (5)
Osteopathy (1)
PGCE (2)
Pharmacy (12)
Philosophy (27)
Photography (6)
Physics (28)
Physiology (2)
Physiotherapy (3)
Politics (104)
Psychology (102)
Radiography (3)
Religious Studies (3)
Social Work (18)
Sociology (37)
Sports & Leisure (12)
Sports Science (9)
Surveying (1)
Theology (7)
Travel and Tourism (2)
Urban Planning (2)
Veterinary Science (4)
Zoology (5)

Postgraduate personal statements (20)

Mature student personal statements

University specific personal statements

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