Student Blogs

There are lots of students out there talking about university firsthand in blogs or on their own websites.

Reading some of them will give you a good idea of what it's like to be a student, or study at a particular university.

Although many blogs are often rarely updated, boring or filled with useless rubbish, we have managed to find some that are generally interesting and should give you a good picture of university life.

If you have a good blog or website documenting your time at university, then please get in touch at

Blogs - by students, for students

Jaimie's blog Jaimie is a second year medical student at Imperial College, London and talks about his experiences training to become a doctor.

Andy's blog Andy is a first year Computer Science undergraduate at the University of Southampton.

Andrew's blog Andrew is an international student from Chicago, and is studying Film & Television Production at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Catherine's blog Catherine is in the 3rd year of her veterinary medicine degree at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh.

Aurora's blog Aurora is a student at Imperial College London, who started the 3rd year of her Biology degree in Autumn 2008.

Victoria's blog Victoria is in her first year at the University of Windsor, and studying in the Faculty of Nursing.

Sammi's blog Sammi is currently in her second year of her Biology degree at the University of Glasgow.

Dan's blog Dan writes about his experiences studying for his BA in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.

Student radiographer A student radiographer at London SouthBank University documents what life is like there.

Tayaki's blog Tayaki is a 3rd year veterinary medicine student in Dublin.

Lottie's blog AliasLottie writes about life at Lancaster University, studying History.

Med student A detailed account of life in London as a medical student.

The Sneaky Student A blog for all students containing tips and advice on getting through university, wherever and whatever you're studying.

Clinical medical student A 3rd year medical student. A blog by an English student studying at Brunel University in Greater London, detailing life as a student and as a writer/entrepreneur.

The Ray Wilson A media student studying in the UK.

Becky and Hana's blog Follow the life of two PR mature students at the University of Westminster.

Tom's blog Read about Tom's life as a medical student at Oxford University.

Michael's blog Diary of a LLB and LLM law graduate.

Student blogging sites

Law students This site contains blogs of six UK law students as they journey toward their qualification.

Medical students A collection of blogs by medical students from around the world.

Freshers' blogs A small number of blogs from first year Art undergraduates at Newnham College, University of Cambridge.

University of Leicester - blogs from a number of undergraduates and postgraduates.

Tom's application diaries

Tom, the creator of Studential, kept his own records throughout the UCAS application process, and into his first year studying Economics and Mathematics at Essex University.

Applying to university diary
Essex university diary