Geography personal statements

Geography and Sociology personal statement
Geography is a single subject that enables me to study many different topics that I have a passionate interest in. Through studying the subject I can satisfy my interest in many physical topics such as how the features of the landscape were formed and the climate but also human topics such as population and industry..

Geography personal statement
My interest in Geography was first sparked when I was only five, when I went on holiday to Denmark. I wanted to know where Denmark was, why we had to go on a ferry, what the people there were like, what the land was like, and a million other questions..

Economics and Politics/Geography personal statement
My desire to study Economics in combination with the Social Sciences stems primarily from my interest in these fields but also from the fact that these two disciplines compliment each other exceptionally well..

Geography Personal Statement
My desire to study Geography stems from my enjoyment of this subject throughout my school career; particularly at AS level. I find that the topics I learn about in class are all relevant to experiences in my life..

Geology Personal Statement
Throughout my life I have possessed a keen interest in geography. I am in awe of the natural power of our world. When I was young, I was mystified and enthralled by the sheer size of the oceans and the mountains..

Geography personal statement
My enthusiasm for Geography was initially fostered when, in a series of art lessons, we were given 'National Geographic' magazine to use. Drawn in by the stunning photographs, I began to read the fascinating articles that they accompanied..

Geography personal statement
The Chinese expressions for crisis consists of two symbols, the first being 'danger' and the second being 'opportunity'. Our climate is frequently modified by the adjective 'crisis,'so provoking the question-are we really giving danger an opportunity? Often,I have been faced with the conflicting arguments that these climate changes are merely a natural cycle, but how can we be so sure of the consequences? Such questions have challenged me to undertake ageography degree in an effort to provide some form of answer..

Geography Personal Statement
My interest in Geography first started in my first geography lesson in school, especially in Year 9 and since then I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the world, its different processes and the way it is affected by humans..

Geography Personal Statement
Geography is a discipline I have never wanted to give up. After each stage I find myself wanting to know more and explore the topics I've already covered. Studying Geography at A Level developed my understanding, as I realized the rich interactions between the human and physical worlds..

Geography personal statement
Considering my interests and hobbies, I could have chosen one of any number of subjects as my main area of interest, but there is no other subject which captures my imagination so completely as Geography, and I see links to it in almost every aspect of my life, both within and outside of my studies..

Geography personal statement
I am eager to take Geography onto higher education because I have had a keen interest in Geography since my lower academic years. It is a broad subject where I can explore and learn the physical, human, social and cultural aspects of Geography..

Geography Personal Statement
If I said ‘I’ve loved geography since an early age’, I’d be lying. Although I loved our family holidays, which have always been seen as expeditions, I didn’t think it was ‘geography’ until I started using places I’d been to as examples in geography lessons..

Geography Personal Statement - Human/Environmental
The possibility of the human race’s days being numbered by our destructive lifestyles, as planted in my mind by Al Gore’s sensationalised and controversial ‘The Inconvenient Truth’, has fuelled my interest in the global warming phenomenon, forcing me to question society’s reluctance to tackle it and realise the worldwide impact of each of our daily lives..

Geography Personal Statement
Geography affects all aspects of our lives. One of the beauties of the subject is that wherever you look, there are links to geography. Even as I write this, there are connections all around. The sky is full of the typical unpredictable rainclouds, contrasting the bright blue skies opposite..

Geography Personal Statement (With gap year)
Geography has inspired me from a young age and I believe that growing up in Scotland has had an important role to play in this. The country's geography, to me, can never fail to impress, particularly the city of Edinburgh..

Natural science/Geology personal statement
The sheer intricacy of our planet is something that has always left me in utter amazement. From the creation of mountains to the way we as humans evolved. Science is a deep rooted love that has grown since I was a young child..

Geography Personal Statement (With gap year)
A trip to the capital city of Iceland; Reykjavík, shaped distinctively by its earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, I noticed how fundamental tourism and investment in geothermal energy had resulted in a strong correlation of economic growth for the country..

Geography Personal Statement
Having reached the incredible 7 billion mark it is clear that the world population and the planet we live on will have to develop a more harmonious relationship if both are to survive. I want to be one of the people helping to develop and build that relationship..

Geography personal statement
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" is an ever recurring question asked to me by many individuals, including myself. I have come to the conclusion that I will never come up with a final answer, as I have many ambitions and aspirations..

Geography (Oxford) Personal Statement
Much of my initial enthusiasm for Geography stemmed from the fact that it encompasses so many of the factors that shape both my local area and my life within it. Concerns surrounding rural depopulation and the eventual closure of my former primary school, broadband availability or the siting of wind turbines would have intrigued me in their own right, regardless of further study, yet pursuing the subject has enabled me to develop an understanding of the wider significance of such issues..

Geology Personal Statement
It only takes travelling around a small area to develop a curiosity about your surroundings; however, having visited Iceland, Morocco and Scotland amongst other areas of geological significance, I have developed more than a curiosity..

Geography personal statement
I could say that my love of Geography started in school, but in fact holidays to foreign lands have had a more significant impact on me. From the volcanic badlands of Lanzarote's Timanfaya, to the unique beauty of Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania, Geography and its impact on nature and human development have awed me..

Geography Statement
The world we live in is a fascinating and beautiful place. The Earth and all its inhabitants are part of a complex, ever changing story line that lies at the heart of physical and human geography. I find myself drawn as much to the study of the natural environment and physical landscapes as I am to the study of people, places and cultures..

Geography personal statement (Physical)
My choice of Geography as a degree course has stemmed from a long felt sense of awe of the natural environment and a constant curiosity concerning how natural processes operate. This has grown during my school career, particularly during sixth form, where my passion for geography has taken off..

Geography personal statement
All through my academic life I have found Geography extremely interesting because of the vast range of topics involved with it and how it relates to every subject in one way or another. I have a particular interest in the physical side of Geography and especially the topics of: climate change, coasts, hazards and the environment..

Geography personal statement
The immense size and complexity of the world, its societies and how they function never fails to amaze me. I am living in a crucial period of the history of resource management. This is a serendipitous time for generating more sustainable methods of harnessing, distributing and consuming the earth's resources..

Geography personal statement
In a dynamic world, the study of geography is increasingly important. The diversity of the subject and the interaction between the physical environment and human population is becoming even more evident with climate change and globalisation influencing our everyday lives..

Geography Personal Statement
At first glance, my A Level choices appear scientifically biased, but they underpin key topics studied in Geography. I enjoy investigating the theories of global economies, population and poverty. The mathematics I have studied enables me to manipulate raw data meaningfully..

Geography and Politics personal statement
My interest in geography began when I visited an exhibition on maps from the 1400s up to the present day. They charted the progress of smaller kingdoms and county boundaries into the UK that we know today..

i love goegraoy
i have loved geography since I was in the womb and could sense the world around me. There is something about geography that has always made me tingle. Whether it be the weather forecast on itv or doing dot-to-dots at home, I think about geography all of the time..

BA Geography/International Development
No description

Geography/Natural Hazards Personal Statement
As our environment is constantly changing, the study of Geography is imperative to explaining the complex processes and forces behind it, whether they are natural or man made. We all have a duty to understand the relationship between humans and our environment and focus on the sustainability of our stewardship of the Earth..

Geography Russell Group Personal Statement
Geography is the study of the world, and as geographers we hold the keys to the world’s problems. Geography encompasses many things from natural disasters, eco-systems, to globalisation and development, all of which are areas which fascinate me..


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