Personal statement review

The personal statement review section is currently closed. It will open as soon as enough reviewers can be found to comment on all the personal statements being uploaded.

Welcome to the personal statement review section of This section is designed so that Ucas applicants can have people they trust read and comment on their personal statement without the danger involved with posting it on the internet.

The review section

Before using the review section please login to your account.

Applicants: Access the personal statement review through your user page. Once you’ve submitted your personal statement to the PSR you’ll have access to the applicants control panel where you can administer your personal statement.

Reviewers: Access the reviewer control panel through your user page, which will then give you access to some or all of the personal statements available for review.

More information

Users of the personal statement review will either be applicants or reviewers. Applicants are those in the process of writing their personal statement. They can use the PSR to let others look at and comment on their personal statements and work the replies back into the personal statement. Reviewers are those who are already at university and are interested in helping out applicants by offering advice on personal statements. They can use the PSR to add their own comments or write drafts of applicants' statements.

To stop plagiarism, the groups of applicants and reviewers are kept separate to ensure no-one writing a personal statement is allowed to look at other applicants' statements. Anyone can upload a statement to the PSR and have it looked at, but only very few people are able to become reviewers. All the reviewers will be carefully monitored by the moderators of the PSR to ensure there is no plagiarism. If you're an applicant who's concerned about your statement being stolen you can choose which people you want to review it or ask invite your friends to sign up and look at your statement.


Finally a warning: though I take every care to ensure no personal statements uploaded to the PSR are released, if you upload your statement it is done entirely at your own risk and I can take no responsibility for any consequences of posting your statement on the PSR.