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Freshers week

Freshers ball (if that still happens) and every college gets a night at the Sugarhouse, usually paired up with another college so that you can stay within your new community and not just get dumped into the nightlife without warning. Societies and cultural/religious groups do orientation stuff as well, usually on the Friday night and the weekend after the Friday Freshers’ Fair when you sign up for societies. These include meals and get-togethers, as well as outings and taster sessions.


Is it a campus / city university? Campus. Green – covered in trees and rabbits. Has a pond.
what are the surroundings like? Rural. Town is 3miles by bus (quite quick).
is it a nice place to live/study? In my opinion, lovely. The campus makes it a self-contained place, and it’s also safe when walking home from bars etc, on campus.

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terms or semesters? 3 terms of 10wks.

how many weeks of teaching/exams? depends on your course.

Do you get a reading week? depends on your course. Most arts and humanities do.

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