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Your Guide To Choosing A College Major

Stepping into college is one of the most important things that you shall be doing in this life.

There are a number of informed decisions that you need to make before choosing a major and while pursuing your major.

You have to be extremely cautious because once you take a wrong decision at this crucial point in your life, there are little ways of undoing it. Life does not always offer a second chance.

Thus, you must make use of every opportunity you are presented with and make the most out of it.

Choosing a major for your college is pivotal as the weight of your future rests upon this. You have to study yourself first before you study any subject.

Several students have gyrated towards their own doom owing to one wrong decision regarding their career.

Therefore, before you set your mind on a particular major, make sure that you indulge in some self-analysis.

This article has brought together a few points that you must consider looking into while you embark on your mission of self-analysis and gauging the prospects of your chosen major.

1. Measure your weakness as much as you measure your strengths

It is unfair on your part to keep exceedingly high expectations from yourself. You have to look into yourself and see what you are cut out for.

You might be exceptionally well in Arts and Humanities but not that good in Science and Technology.

You have to find out what suits your profile the best, and only then take a convenient pick.

Every subject has its own utility, and it would be incredibly inane to think that science has better prospects of a bright future than arts. Take your pick and excel in that like no one else. That is the only key to success.

2. Chase your passion

Though this is mentioned as a different point in the article, these two points should not be treated as mutually exclusive. They are intertwined and need to be dealt as such.

Everyone has a passion in life, and you need to find out what is it that fuels your dreams. Chasing a major that does nothing to water and nurture your growth is futile and leads in severe disappointment.

You might struggle through college and get a decent job. But, if that job does not align with your passion, there is no way that you can save yourself from being burnt out.

Therefore, chase your passion at all costs and see to it that your major makes room for you to pursue your passion.

3. Take feedback from other students

Your college brochure will not provide as much information about your selected major as much as the students pursuing it.

Always do your research about the faculty and the pattern of the subject before you make any decision. It would be foolish of you to choose a subject without looking into its details directly.

Therefore, make sure you have enough ammo before you go into war.

4. Do not confuse your major with your career

You can find several examples of people on the internet, which shall vouch for the fact that your college major and your career do not have to mean one and the same.

You could major in Physics, yet pursue a career in writing or music. Therefore, do not pin all your hopes to one subject and decide what course your life will take after college.

Youngsters often make this mistake while choosing a major for themselves after school, where they allow societal norms to dictate what they should study and which career path they should foray in.

Do not let unrealistic social conducts tell you what you ought to study and what not.

5. Make sure your major has scope

This point might seem antithetical to everything that we discussed before in this article, but just in case you needed someone to spell this out for you, it is not.

We have covered so far in this article how it is not necessary that your major and career should be the same, and also how you should see to it that your major does not take up all your time and energy and leave you too drained to chase your passion.

However, for all of you who want to excel in a career that is related to their area of specialisation while at college, you need to be cautious while choosing your major.

Though every subject has a lot to contribute to the making of the society, you must still sift through all your choices and then choose the one where you see yourself doing great in the next ten years.

Websites like EduRef, provide a holistic approach to all your educational queries.


Deciding a major for your college can be a cumbersome process, and you might be tempted to vacillate from one subject to another.

There are several career counsellors available these days, always ready to help you through your decision-making process. You could always seek their help.

But no amount of career counselling can be as good as the way you perceive yourself after you have analysed your strengths, weaknesses and the prospects of your major.