Working part-time while studying in the U.S.

Studying in the United States is a dream come true for many students from the United Kingdom. With the world's top-ranked universities, diverse cultures, and ample opportunities to learn and grow, going to high school or uni in the U.S. can be an enriching experience. 

Apart from that, many of us here in the U.K. would love to live the high school experience we often see on television.

However, it is no secret that the United States can be expensive, and not everyone can afford to pay for tuition, living expenses, and other costs associated with studying abroad. 

With preparation such as creating a creating a high school student resume and job availability in your area, you may be able to work part-time whilst studying during your high school or uni abroad experience.

Why you should study in the United States

Going to an academic institution in the United States can be an excellent choice for many reasons. Firstly, the United States has some of the finest educational institutions in the world, offering high-quality education across various disciplines. These universities have an international reputation for excellence and attract students from all over the world.

Secondly, studying in the United States provides an opportunity to experience diverse cultures and make new friends. The U.S. is home to people from different countries and cultures, and this diversity can provide a unique learning experience. Students can also immerse themselves in American culture and learn about its history, politics, and society.

Finally, studying in the United States can open up a world of opportunities. U.S. universities have strong networks and partnerships with leading industries and organizations, which can provide students with opportunities for internships, work placements, and employment after graduation. Studying in the U.S. can give students a competitive edge in the job market and help them achieve their career goals.

You can also experience a different type of learning style. For example, American students are used to writing large essays for almost every subject.

Working part-time during high school or university

International students who are old enough can work up to 20 hours a week while studying. This can be a great way to earn money and gain work experience while pursuing a degree. Part-time work can also help students develop skills such as time management, communication, and teamwork, which can be valuable in their future careers.

There are several types of part-time jobs available for students in the U.S., such as:

  • On-campus jobs: Many universities in the U.S. offer on-campus jobs, such as working in the library, bookshop, or cafeteria. These jobs are often convenient for students, as they are located on campus and offer flexible schedules.
  • Off-campus jobs: Students can also find part-time work off-campus, such as in retail stores, restaurants, or other service industries. These jobs may require more travel time, but they can offer higher wages and more varied experiences.
  • Internships: Some students may choose to do internships as part of their degree programs. These can be paid or unpaid, and provide students with valuable work experience in their chosen fields.

How to balance work and studies

This is a challenging aspect of working and studying, but it is essential to ensure that both are given equal priority. Here are some tips on how to balance work and studies effectively:

  • Create a schedule: Make a weekly schedule that includes both work and study time. This will help you manage your time effectively and ensure that you have enough time for both.
  • Prioritise: Determine your priorities and allocate your time accordingly. Make sure that you prioritise your studies and set aside enough time for coursework, assignments, and exams.
  • Communicate with your employer: Let your employer know your availability and any changes to your schedule. This will help them plan their staffing needs and ensure that you have enough time for your studies.
  • Take breaks: Make sure to take breaks and give yourself time to relax and recharge. This will help you avoid burnout and ensure that you are productive both at work and in your studies.

Consider studying university in the U.S. as well

If you are considering studying abroad, the United States is an excellent choice. The U.S. has some of the best universities in the world and offers a range of degree programs across various disciplines. 

Studying in the U.S. can provide a unique and enriching experience, and can help students develop skills and gain knowledge that will be valuable in their future careers.

There are several steps involved in applying to a university in the U.S. as an international student. These include:

  • Research: Research universities and programs that interest you, and find out about their admission requirements, application deadlines, and tuition fees. Make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria and have the necessary qualifications and documents.
  • Submit your application: Once you have identified the universities and programs you are interested in, you can submit your application online. Most universities use an online application system, such as the Common Application, which allows you to apply to multiple universities with one application.
  • Apply for financial aid: International students may be eligible for financial aid. Make sure to research the different types of financial aid available, such as scholarships, grants, and loans, and apply for them accordingly.

We see the bloated prices for education and medicine in the United States each day on the news. However, if you have the opportunity to study in the U.S. or even take a gap year, it would be well worth your while.