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Why is it popular to play baseball among students?

The life of a student is a strange one. Some people feel that it is incredibly easygoing, that students have not entered the real world of work yet, so can’t complain about anything they have to do. But anybody that has been a student will know, that this is far from the truth. You have to face essay after essay after essay. Deadline after deadline after deadline. And a lot of the time, you are treated like a child when you want to be treated like an adult, and you’re treated like a fully grown person when you want someone to realise that you’re still learning. Throw in all of the social trials and tribulations that come in the package deal of being a student, and all the anxiety that they can cause, and you’ve got yourself a very hard and confusing few years as a student.

Having said this, students are a diligent and hardworking bunch, and they find ways in which to take the strains of student life. Many go a theatrical route, and explore acting, playwriting and other aspects of the dramatic arts. Others get into music and DJ in their time off from school, making music for their friends to dance to. Some watch a lot of TV, and others drink a lot of alcohol! But, a lot of students become interested in sports. There is a whole host of sports teams in every University, College and School and they’re full of eager active young students, be it weightlifting, hockey or basketball. A lot of the time, the teams are so successful you don’t even need to buy your own sports outfit from the sports teams provide kits, equipment and everything else!

But, one sport has been becoming increasingly popular with students. And that is, the sport of Baseball. Students everywhere are starting to put more and more of their time into emulating their favourite team, be they the Detroit Tigers or the Atlanta Braves. They are going outside onto a field, with their friends, and playing a game of Baseball. You may ask why, and the answer is very simple.

Baseball is an entertaining game that is easy to pick up, it requires two teams of players and a whole lot of teamwork to function. And you can buy equipment very easily, bats, balls, even detroit tiger hats are available from any good sporting shop, including The rules are simple, and if you can hit a ball with a bat and run, then you will probably be let in a team. It encourages communication, focus, organisation and skill, which are all things that students are honing and refining in their studies. With its ease, companionship, entertainment factor and simplicity, it is no wonder that students are picking up mitts, and bats and heading out to play the sport. When you think about it, the sport is so beneficial for students, as it teaches them about patience and focus. So many sports are so simple, that you can play them really without even thinking. Soccer is just kicking a ball around a field, and many students find this to be tiresome, along with straight-forward athletic sports such as running or javelin. Not a lot of sports have that need of focus and timing that is so key for playing the sport of Baseball.

So there you have it, the life of a student can be tough, confusing, tiring and difficult, but more and more students are strapping on a mitt, putting their favourite teams hat on, shining up their bat and going out and playing the sport of Baseball. And if you’re a student reading this, getting into the sport couldn’t be simpler, check with your School, College or University to see if they have a Baseball team or club, get some equipment together and go out and enjoy a game with your friends. It can be as chilled or as competitive as you like, just don’t forget, you have studies to be getting on with as well, don’t get carried away!

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