Who Can Install Air Conditioning?

Australia is famous for its hot weather, so millions of us rely on our air conditioners to stay comfortable. Installing an air conditioner is a simple and affordable way of keeping cool, increasing the value of your property and improving the air quality in your home. Even better, it’s now easy to shop around and purchase an air conditioning system on your own. The only challenge lies in the installation process. Homeowners are often left wondering who can install air conditioning and whether you need to call a licensed professional. In this article we’ll clear up the confusion, discuss how Australia’s refrigeration industry works and whether you’ll need a qualified professional to install your new air conditioner.

Who Can Install Air Conditioning?

In Australia, air conditioners must be installed by a qualified technician that holds a Refrigerant Handling Licence issued by The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). This licensing requirement stems from the fact that air conditioners often use refrigerant gases that are harmful to the environment. By regulating the industry, ARC is able to minimise its impact and enforce safe working practices that protect installers, customers and the environment.

ARCTick National Licensing

The Australian Refrigeration Council is a private organisation that oversees the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) licence scheme on behalf of the Australian Government. ARC provides oversight and delivers real value to the industry by encouraging installers to build their skills, improve safety standards and comply with legal requirements.

Air conditioning installers should be able to produce proof of their ARCTick licence. An accredited installer can ensure the safety and efficiency of your air conditioner, and they will be able to issue a certificate that validates your system’s warranty. You can ask an installer to produce their licence at any time, or visit lookforthetick.com.au to check whether their business holds a current licence. Never work with an installer that doesn’t hold an ARCTick licence. This will void your warranty and can lead to serious issues with air conditioning performance.

Do I Need an Electrician to Install Air Conditioning?

Yes, you need a licensed electrician to help install an air conditioning system in Australia. Air conditioners are high-current appliances. That means the associated electrical work poses a significant risk and can only be performed by a qualified electrician. The good news is that you typically don’t need to arrange this process separately. Your air conditioning installer may also be a licensed electrician, or they are likely to hold relationships with local electricians that can complete their installations. That means it’s simple to have your new air conditioner installed properly and safely the first time around!

The Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Installation

If you’re going to the expense of installing an air conditioner then it’s important to work with a licensed professional. A qualified installer will make the process affordable, simple and efficient, ensuring you get the best from your new system. There are four major benefits to working with a professional air conditioning installer:

  • Optimal air conditioning placement – Air conditioners are simple appliances, but getting the most from your system requires the correct placement of the unit. A professional installer will consider the size, shape and layout of your room, as well as things like windows, doors and cross ventilation. This will allow them to optimise the placement and improve the energy-efficiency and cooling power of your air conditioner.
  •  Protect your warranty – Air conditioners are appliances just like any other. They need regular maintenance, and they may experience faults from time to time. Most manufacturers provide warranties that can take care of any unexpected issues that arise along the way. In most cases your warranty will only be honoured if the air conditioner was installed by a licensed technician.
  • Ensure the unit works perfectly – The most important benefit of professional installation is that the unit will work perfectly every time. While an unlicensed person may be able to carry out the installation process, the only way to guarantee the unit’s functionality is to work with a professional. And, if something does go wrong, a licensed installer will be more than willing to come back and rectify any issues you’re experiencing.
  • Fast and affordable installation process – Qualified technicians specialise in installing air conditioners. That means they’re capable of installing a split system air conditioner in just a few hours. They have the tools, equipment and skills to complete a high quality installation in short periods of time, ensuring you can enjoy your new air conditioner sooner.

If you are an electrician yourself and looking to upskill, you can find more information on UEE32220 Certificate III in Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration.