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What You Should Know Before Working With Animals

Career opportunities with animals are continuing to expand, so if it’s always been your dream to work with animals, then good news! 

Working at a doggy day care centre, as a pet trainer, or cooking up treats at a pet bakery - the opportunities in animal care are much more varied than just working at a vets or a pet shop. If you’re thinking about starting a career alongside some furry friends, here are a few top tips… 

  • People who work with animals need to be compassionate. Animals fill us with so much happiness and love, so naturally we should aim to give that amount of care and appreciation back. Animals can sense when someone cares for them, and so can the people who bring their pets in to be cared for by you. 
  • The decision to work with animals is less about money, and more about the experience and rewards of working with animals. But animal care professionals can earn a comfortable living, so it’s actually a job which is both financially and emotionally rewarding. 
  • The majority of careers within the animal industry require either further education or additional qualification/courses. For careers such as veterinary science, you’ll need a degree from a good university.
  • While there are lots of opportunities around the country, there is a need for animal professionals in rural areas. In large cities you’ll find loads of vets, pet carers, and pet shop assistants, but in smaller towns and cities, there are lots of vacancies for animal care professionals. 
  • Make sure you don’t forget about people. You might be surprised by the utmost importance of people skills in the animal industry. Working with animals means working with people, too, so if you struggle to communicate well, then you might suffer in the industry. 

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