U.S Students: Which Field Of Law Is Right For You?

Are you interested in pursuing a career in law? If so, you first need to decide which field of law is right for you.

Types of professions in law

If you are interested in working in law, you have a lot of preparation to do. In many countries, you must first pass the Law School Admission Test before you can gain admittance to a degree course.

The test assesses your reading comprehension and verbal and logical proficiency. Preparing to take the test is a complex process. It requires a lot of planning, work, and stamina.

But first things first. Before you look into the LSAT and admission requirements, you need to know which field of law is right for you.

A law degree can enable you to work as a solicitor or a barrister. But there are many other roles you could pursue with a law degree, such as a costs lawyer, a paralegal, a barrister’s clerk, and a licensed conveyancer.

Furthermore, a law degree allows you to pursue careers that are not directly linked with law, such as an external auditor, a political risk analyst, and a chartered accountant.

It could be helpful also to study other courses for some non-legal occupations, such as courses in statistics for professions involving analysis.


Areas of law

The area of law you decide to study will determine the types of firms you can apply to after you graduate. Here are some areas of law that you could pursue:


  • Alternative dispute resolution: this involves settling civil disputes between traders and consumers without going to court.
  • Banking law: this covers the entire spectrum of finance, from personal banking to complex business transactions.
  • Commercial law: this involves advising companies or governments on business-related issues.
  • Criminal law: this covers all forms of criminal behaviour, including serious crimes like murder and rape.
  • Employment law: this involves the regulation of relationships between employers and employees.

Tips on how to decide which field of law is right for you

To determine which field of law is right for you, begin by researching the areas of law listed above and all other law sectors.

The more knowledge you have about each area and know what is involved with the job on a daily basis, the better placed you will be to make a decision.

Additionally, use these top tips to find out which field is best for you.

1. Ask yourself how much you like to argue

Some fields of law, like litigation, require you to argue cases in court, but many would-be litigators underestimate how much day-in-day-out conflict can affect them.

As a litigator, you will have to handle animosity regularly.

The happiest litigators thrive on winning the game. If you are more conciliatory, a different area of law will be better.

2. Ask yourself how much you like to be in control

The legal profession can often mean you cannot have complete control over your work.

For instance, you could be subject to court demands or the law firm you work for.

If you desire autonomy and control over your time, look at an area of law outside of Big Law.

3. Ask yourself how much you like interacting with others at work

In many areas of law, you will be in an office with your head down, churning out paperwork.

If you find it difficult to work long hours by yourself, some areas of law will be better for you than others.

Being a part of a legal team or pursuing a profession that involves regularly attending court may be more suitable.