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Is university Wi-Fi safe? Best Antivirus for Students.

College. A time in our lives we wish would pass quickly so we could get out into the real world, get our own apartments, choose to live in any city we want and own that business of our dreams or job of our dreams. That time in our lives that is dominated by papers that are due to be turned in, courses we considered dropping but loved the class because of friends, classes we missed and wished we didn’t when we took tests, professors who brought life to classes and made us think with brains we forgot we had. College also gave us some of our best friends, new ones we made when we got there or old ones we have known for long and went there with. Undoubtedly, college is a great experience.

Now a way that makes our lives easier in college was the access to free WiFi.  Once a student, you can connect to the school’s wifi and the world is available to you. But have you stopped to ask yourself, how many other people are connected to the same college wifi as you are? The answer to that question is a huge number of other people. They are other college students as yourself, college employees like professors, secretaries, security personnel, all connected to same wireless network as yourself. Therefore, you need to view your college wifi like any other public wifi which is open to anyone who wants to connect on it and that is unsafe.

College wifi is not safe. The reason is hackers i.e. the bad kind, find it so easy to get into a public network such as a college wifi and trust me hackers are everywhere including your school. Hacking has become fairly common and malware attacks also have become common place in schools, so you need protection for your devices at all times.

This is where antivirus comes in. This is a computer program used to help in the prevention and detection of malware that are dangerous and destructive to your data on your devices and your devices themselves. Currently, antivirus software is designed to protect you from other threats that could arise like trojan horses, worms, spyware, fraudtools, ransomware, backdoors, browser hijackers, spam, phishing, online banking attacks, malicious URLs etc. They have upgraded various antivirus software not only for computers but smartphones, tabs, laptops etc. This has become crucial not only to protect your devices and data when you surf online but also when you are offline because there are numerous malicious software that are been spread on the web nowadays.

Each new day the dangers of having your privacy exposed when using a public network like your college wifi is very high, not just that but your information can be used to commit fraud without your knowledge. So, what are the best antivirus for students?

1) Emsisoft Anti-Malware

With a 50% discount for students available, this trusted and reliable software plays a crucial role in protecting your devices and data from the countless threats’ users face online and offline currently. This anti-malware is tremendously strong and also designed to run on low spec laptops and personal computers. It is compatible with Windows 10, offers users real-time protection from threats and prevents malware from running on your devices before they can execute. It warns you about various phishing sites and it is really great for browsing securely with no worries. Remember the 50% discount? It is an educational rebate which you can apply for on their website.

2) Kaspersky Internet Security 

This antivirus scans emails automatically plus web pages to detect any threat to your Windows personal computer. Kaspersky internet security is a great antivirus for students because it has excellent detection of ransomware and malware. It is also compatible with various versions of Windows. Have serious virus damage to your device? Well, Kaspersky Internet security comes with a rescue CD which can be used to reset your PC after serious virus attack. The beauty about Kaspersky is it comes with three licenses which means that it can be used on different PCs giving users more protection at a single price of one. Lastly, users can buy the mobile version and access it from the PC platform.

3) Avast Antivirus Pro

Without question one of the most popular software used worldwide. The popularity of this software stems from its myriad features and its absolute assurance to help you detect and eliminate viral attacks to your device and malware. It provides you with different plugins used to protect you from web browser attack with a URL filtering that produces better outcomes. Want to block web trackers and malicious traffic embedded in search engines? Then the Avast Antivirus Pro if a definite must have. With its secure dns tool, rescue CD, web filtering and url features, this antivirus software is great for students.

4) Bitdefender Anti-virus

This antivirus promises a quick to install option and will go light on your computer. It covers you when it comes to your online and offline activities. It installs in seconds, runs at a maximum speed without slowing down your PC speed, great for gaming, image and video editing plus resource-intensive applications. In addition, it offers real-time threat detection by monitoring your active apps and takes prompt action once a threat is spotted. It also has a virus scanning and malware removal feature, makes sure your PC is safe from intruders who want to steal your information.

Your college wifi as you use it, keep it in mind that it is a public network with different authorized users on it and also the possibility of unauthorized users gaining access to it. Therefore, you should be adequately protected from the various threats that are present mainly online and the best way to do this is to ensure you have the best antivirus there is for your protection.