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Top Tips For Your Next Student Move

Moving between student properties can be stressful, especially if you find you have picked a lot of stuff up over the previous year.

It can be hard to know what to take, how to take it and how to set it up. Here are our best tips for coming out of your move all in one piece with everything you really need.

1. Work out what you do not need before you pack up 

After a year in a room it can be hard to tell the most valuable items in it from the most useless – it is all the background setting of your life, and it can seem like you just have to take those old magazine copies  you have been meaning to read properly for months.

But the key to a good move is smart packing and knowing what from your current flat you can live without.

Whether or not you will leave anything behind when you move will depend on your personal situation and how much space you have where you are going.

However, if you are a serial accumulator, this can be an excellent time to get rid of things you know you will not need. 

Marie Kondo recommends an order to work through items by category when deciding what to keep or throw away.

When you tidy and choose what to keep or dispose of work through this order of items: clothes, books, papers, common items, sentimental items.

If you are aiming to declutter but scared you would have to throw away things with nostalgia value, following this order you will likely find plenty of clothes and then books and then so on which you do not feel a need to hold on to. Aim to have this sorted in the few days before your move so you have time to drop these old unwanted items at your nearest charity shop.

2. Have the right moving transport for the job

Many students aim to fit everything they need in a parent’s car to make the journey between student flats. However, if this is not an option on the day, you need to look for another option.

Finding the right moving service can be trickier than simply googling “man with a van near me” but it is easy to compare the prices of nearby moving services to ensure you get the best deal.

Splitting a van with other students moving from your current address to the new address can present a big saving.

3. Establish where everything will go in your new flat

If you have a chance to see around your room before you move try and plan where you want everything to go in the property.

Having a plan with your future flatmates of how the dishes and crockery will be shared or kept separate will allow everyone to know how much to bring or buy for the new flat and avoid everyone spending money unnecessarily.

Be careful when you are moving in not to leave the vehicle you moved with or the house unattended at any time – moving day is a prime time for robberies