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Top 7 Online Language Learning Resources for Students

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Here is the list of top 7 online language learning courses for students:

1. Little Pim

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Uses multiple DVDs and you can access those streaming videos or download them digitally to get accustomed to an Entertainment Immersion method. Being a combination of animations and live action clips offer an awesome deal.

2. Dino Lingo

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It offers lessons in more than 40 languages that hold colourful posters, DVDs, coloring books and flashcards. To access the content, you need to subscribe online and all the featured ventures will be introduced by a dinosaur.

3. FluentU

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For an authentic language learning program, FluentU is the best deal for an academic session. It comes with a wide number of video clips that covers all language levels. It is good for all ages, right from the absolute beginners to the advanced learners. These contents are personalised and made suited for appropriate age groups.

4. PetraLingua

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For learners aged 3 - 10, it works well with its multimedia vocabulary. Each course has got several lessons and the videos open amazingly with an introductory video, exercises, interactive guides and reinforcing activities. Word matching tasks, listen-and-repeat as well as listen-and-click are some of the popular attributes that allow children to deal with the words in the best convincing contexts.

5. Mango Languages

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For ages 6 and above, the source has its main focus on conversational skills. The lessons start with some basic dialogues. These are also featured with texted presentation of the exchange. Everything is color-coded to make the presentation more attractive and influential. The dialogue is further broken down in the form of words, phrases and lines so that the learners can repeat the lines as often as they need. You may also see the translations along with them for easier learning.

6. Languagenut

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It acts as the perfect pronunciation partner, vocabulary builder and spelling teacher for learners belonging from 5 - 14 years of age. It is also used in schools as supplemental language teaching tool across 32 countries.

7. Duolingo

D:\Projects\Articles\Disha Rajani\\Duolingo.PNG

It is the most popular online source for language learning. The lessons are paced in gradual manageable bits with prompt audios and pictures. Parents can also participate here with their children and it will consequently enhance the bonding between the two!

This friendly language learning program, catered by the experts is absolutely equal to the supportive legs of a stool. They are particularly tailored for the students and thus, they are highly interactive with a little bit of fun filled activities blended with variety and creativity.

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