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Top 5 Universities In Canada 2019

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for international students.

Some of the world's best universities offering world-class education are in Canada, with the U of T consistently ranking in the top 50 global universities.

In this article, we look at the five best universities in Canada based on several indicators.

Such factors include academic reputation, research excellence, employer reputation, and faculty competence. Here are the best five universities in Canada in 2019.

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a public research institution located in the city of Toronto.

The university has around 11 colleges offering different academic programs. It is renowned for its world-class research centers and influential academic movements.

Since its establishment, the University of Toronto has made several achievements. It was the first academic publishing house in Canada. It was also the first university to establish a forest science faculty in Canada and to get more than $1 billion in an endowment.

Currently, the University of Toronto ranks 28th in the global university ranking list with over 200 postgraduate degrees and 700 undergraduate degrees on offer.

2. McGill University

McGill University was ranked 33rd globally in 2019. As one of the most performing universities in Canada, it attracts thousands of international students from around the world every year. It's one of the universities with the highest number of Ph.D. students.

McGill University was the first to establish the faculty of medicine in Canada, and still tops in clinical subjects.

Currently, it offers over 300 degrees to more than 30,000 students from over 150 countries. It is one of the most diverse institutions in Canada. 

3. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the most reputable public research institutions in Canada.

It has two campuses based in Vancouver and Kelowna. The Vancouver-based school offers 12 faculties while the one in Kelowna offers seven faculties.

In 2019, the University of British Columbia ranked 47th in the world. It offers many degree courses in various subjects.

Notably, the university has many scholarship opportunities such as the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award among others.

4. University of Alberta

Although the University of Alberta ranked 109th globally in 2019, it’s still the fourth-highest ranked university in Canada.

It’s one of the top public research institutions offering a vast range of degree courses in engineering, health sciences, business, and social sciences.

Since the university is in Edmonton (French-speaking community), it offers French courses at Faculté Saint-Jean.

The University of Alberta is home to some of the most renowned professionals in Canada, including four justices of Canada’s Supreme Court.

5. McMaster University

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University is a public research institution named after a renowned Canadian senator, William McMaster.

He contributed C$900,000 to establish the university. In 2019, the university ranked 146th globally.

McMaster University has a wide range of courses with the faculty of medicine as the most prominent.

The institution focuses on research work, especially in the field of medicine and health sciences. Many international students get admitted to this university each year.


It’s no doubt that Canada has some of the best universities in the world.

Besides the five institutions mentioned, other universities like Université de Montréal, Western University, University of Waterloo, and the University of Calgary also offer world-class education.

While it’s true that top universities in Canada offer high-quality education, their tuition fees can be overwhelming.

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