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Top 5 Free Online Resources for Students

Life in the digital age requires innovative ways to learn. While it is true that spending hours in the library is beneficial, nothing compares to having access to thousands of resources online. Here are five of the best online databases for students who want to learn on the fly. 

1. MIT OpenCourseWare

The MIT OpenCourseWare platform connects students with professors 24/7. The database provides thousands of course materials that contribute to active learning online. Easily assess your progress and use various digital tools to improve your performance without leaving the couch. MIT OpenCourseWare also provides real-world context scenarios that take learning in the classroom to another level. 

2. Open Education Database

Ten thousand education courses give you the variety needed to thrive in life. Open Education Database is a comprehensive education directory that offers free and for-credit courses. The site provides timely program information for credited courses and divides free courses into categories so that users can easily find the right material. You only need to search for your school to start learning. 


Another free online educational database, is interactive in all forms. The platform gives the option of learning by way of video or lecture notes, which is especially beneficial for hands-on students. prides itself in carefully selecting classes from various sources across the Web. 

4. Code Academy

Learn to code online for free. Code Academy is on a mission to bring education into the twenty-first century. The database believes that academia is broken because of its traditional measures that inadvertently exclude online learning. Code Academy invites aspiring coders to rethink education and work from the bottom to rebuild a system that is tearing at the seams. The site leads the way in its challenge by providing students with a platform to learn coding that is every bit new millennium. 

5. Alison

More than 800 courses and upwards of 10 million users make Alison one of the more popular online resources. The educational database offers courses that improve a person's quality of life at work and home. Classes about customer service, time management, and project management are three of many on the Alison platform. 

Learning is only a click away with online educational resources. You can either choose to be stuck in the stone age of academia or advance your life through database platforms on the Web. For online courses with industry-recognised qualifications, check out

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