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Top 15 Educational Websites to Help You Study Online

Online educational websites are gaining popularity these days. The variety of online courses, ed forums, and Q&A websites brings new possibilities for studying. Providing irreplaceable aid to students of all ages and establishments, educational websites have taken a constant place in the lives of all people. 

Today, you can find information on all spheres of the education world and our life in general online. However, sorting through all those platforms eager for our attention turns out to be a tiresome task. How do we determine what sources are trustworthy? What websites can become reliable suppliers of information? 

When searching for answers online, your main job is not to drown in the piles of information you find. Some sources may contradict each other; some may confuse details and offer unverified facts. This is why you have to find a few websites to be your reliable advisors in your studies.

Here, we have gathered top 15 sources ready to aid you in any educational issues. It is up to you to choose those you like the most and use them for self-education or any other way you find appropriate.


There are many educational websites for students on the web, but not many of them specialize in music. The best place to express your passion for this kind of art is You can either use a beginner guide or choose a program to further develop your skills, the materials are diverse and cover any level of knowledge. This is the best place for amateur and professional musicians alike. Dive into the world of exquisite sounds with this conservatoire. 


Despite being a relatively new project, QandA has proven to be an informative source of great potential. This questions and answers website is good at gathering people’s advice from all over the world. The site gets bigger and bigger with each passing day. The platform is a credible source of information on such topics as higher education, online courses, self-improvement, student financial aid, etc. This student answer service can give you many useful tips that no other official source has. There, people share their personal experience and useful discoveries.

QandA users form the website and have free access to its content. They can not only ask any question but also provide informative answers, comment on the existing ones, and suggest edits. One of the advantages of this portal is user-friendly navigation. It is easy to find a specific topic and follow threads you are interested in. Unlike other ed forums, this place is a balanced mix of experts in the field and your peers who share their parts of the story thus giving you a full picture of modern education. 

When you need an emergency assistance and have no time to browse the nooks and crannies of the web, visit QandA to get the help of knowledgeable people and share your thoughts.

One of the best programming websites for students is Minimum of boring theory and the maximum of interactive coding will make you an expert in Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and more. The in-browser coding console is your best tool for practice. Developers and programmers of all ages and specialties can find interesting courses at Codeacamedy.


edX is one of the leading providers of online courses from top universities of the whole world. Take a peek at what Harvard or Sorbonne programs offer their students using these courses. Now, even if you have failed to enroll in a prestigious establishment, you can acquire the same skills its students get. You just need to find its courses here. In case you need to prepare for the entrance examination, you can search the offers provided by your establishment.

One of the best interactive student websites that specialize in languages is Unlike many other educational websites, this is not your regular collection of boring texts and books. Here, you learn with the help of mini-games and visual tasks. Bring something new to your routine. Studying can be exciting and effective at the same time. You just have to find the right place.

Are you passionate about languages? Do you want to be fluent in five of them at least? Welcome to! Though the platform is full of courses on other disciplines, its priority is linguistics. Founded as a language learning platform, it never lost its touch despite adding lessons on mathematics, physics, and other fields. So, no matter what you are passionate about, Memrise welcomes you with open arms. is another leading language platform. Here, you can discover new stuff, master your skills, and practice with native speakers. Fully immersing into the environment of the language you learn is the best method known to master it. This means spending countless hours speaking and hearing it on a daily basis. There is no better place online than Busuu. Download a mobile app to keep your best tutor with you at all times.


Udemy is one of the best study websites for college students. It has a huge collection of online courses for any taste on any subject. If you are looking for an additional source of knowledge, Udemy can offer you over 55,000 online courses. Here, you can become a teacher yourself and post your own programs. Udemy for Business is largely used by corporations as a mean of team education. This website offers you an opportunity to set your own schedule for any courses you choose. 


Another place for future programmers and developers is It provides you with everything you need to know for mastering HTML, JavaScript, and CSS from step-by-step guides to whole courses. Learn the tricks of coding and discover new techniques that will help you advance in the sphere by visiting HTML Dog on a regular basis. It will help you create masterpieces of your own.

Creative Life

If you are all about visuals, regular courses are bound to be boring for you. Finding a good educational video platform is not an easy task. Creative Life may be the best solution for you. This is a source of countless materials on art, travel, design, music, etc. It is a source of inspiration for all artists and creative people in general. Here, you interact with experts and peers alike. In addition, this is a great freelancing opportunity for all students looking for extra money.

As you may have already guessed, is a home of tutorials and step-by-step instructions. DIY masterpieces are gradually conquering the world. Uniqueness and creativity are what people value today; mass products are boring and dull. Find thousands of yummy recipes and crafts ideas to impress your friends and family. Here, you can become a Jack of all trades and learn to be extra resourceful. 

E-learning for Kids

Let’s leave our college students to sort all those websites and pay attention to kids for a minute. Online learning is as important for them as it is for grown-ups. Finding a reliable platform for them is even harder.

E-learning for Kids is one of a few websites to cover all topics essential for all-round education for children. Here, you will find interactive lessons that can keep the attention of your kid. 

MIT video channel

If regular courses are not to your liking and you prefer to browse useful videos, MIT YouTube hub is your best option. This is a collection of thousands of educational talks on various topics done by experts. You can use it for self-education and develop some practical skills, or use the information for your papers or thesis.

One of the best websites for college students majoring in design, this is a platform curated by industry leaders. No matter what level and skills you have, finding something appropriate for you will be easy here.

The website provides resources on various spheres of the trade.

Another place for artists is Learning how to draw may seem a simple task for you. However, you require professional guidance to become a good artist proud to present your works to the world.

There is something magical about showing people the way to see things. Drawspace can help you learn how to express yourself. A set subscription price will open you the resources useful for art enthusiasts.

There are many websites meant to aid you in your studies. Some of them provide general knowledge, others focus on a single subject. Choose those that will help you expand your knowledge and add new colors to your life. Don’t be afraid to study something new and use these websites to their fullest—they are meant to help you. From now on, your essays and coursework will be filled with rare materials that can be found only on e-learning platforms.  

Remember that it is never late to learn something new and advance in one or another sphere. 

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