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Top 10 Education Software For Teachers To Effectively Manage Their Classrooms

Who doesn’t love technology? It seems that technology loves us since it became part of our lives. We use it at home, at work, and we started using it as school, too.

Due to its power to transform our lives and impact the way we live, learn, communicate, it became the main tool for teaching and learning. Nowadays, almost every classroom in modern society uses technology for the purpose of educating students.

Teachers accepted the idea of a digital classroom with arms wide open having recognized its benefits.

As edtechmagazine reports, 74% of teachers say that “technology is key to helping them expand on classroom content” and that “technology is a motivational tool”.

As high as 69 % claim that “technology has helped do more than ever before for their students.”

Teachers use technology by incorporating education software, digital tools, and apps in their everyday teaching.

There is a big variety of choice on the market, but in this article, we look at the top 10 education software teachers use to effectively manage their classroom.

1. Socrative

Socrative is a cloud-based student response system which allows teachers to immediately test their students’ knowledge. They can use this classroom app to prepare mini-quizzes and assign them to the students’ computers or tablets.

As a teacher, you can prepare different types of quizzes, such as true-false, multiple choice, open-ended short response, or similar.

What makes Socrative a unique digital educational tool is its “on the fly” assessment method which provides teachers with valuable and fast feedback.

2. Prezi

Prezi is cloud-based software for creating interesting interactive presentations.

It allows teachers to create presentations, but also share and track them.

What makes the Prezi’s presentations unique are their features, such as zooming in and out, focusing images and videos, and moving side to side.

As a result, this software is widely used and has a great rating.

3. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is “the most trusted plagiarism checker”. This free plagiarism checker for teachers tool offers teachers security and convenience while checking their students' papers.

This online tool allows teachers to check educational papers, website content, and also to check the number of words if needed.

Checking plagiarism is very easy. All you have to do is visit and log in to their site and copy/paste the content you want to check. 

4. Faronics

Faronics is feature-rich software which helps teachers build a positive teaching-learning environment.

This software helps teachers to manage their classroom successfully because it allows them to observe students’ actions and control their use of computers, thus eliminating distractions.

It also allows them to communicate, teach, and assist from their computer by sharing their screen with students. Moreover, it allows for one-on-one student-teacher discussion if there is a need for that.

5. FACTS SIS (former RenWeb)

FACTS SIS is one of the most popular software for school administration. It allows schools and teachers to record students’ contacts and information which are systematically organized in a database. I

t has a variety of tools which can be accessed on a cell-phone and tablet.

FACTS SIS allows online application and online admission of students. It allows teachers to take attendance and report it to the administration, or communicate with students, parents, and other relevant people.

Additionally, it has an online grade book which creates students’ electronic portfolio including all their test results, grades, homework, etc. and allows parents access through a parents web portal.

6. Mythware

Using Mythware teachers have full control of the classroom by tracking students’ activities and limiting their usage if necessary.

This software also allows them to exchange files with their students. Additionally, teachers can also conduct surveys, quizzes, and use the interactive whiteboard to write and draw the things they want to teach.

7. LanSchool

LanSchool is user-friendly software with a simple interface which saves teachers time. You no longer need to walk around the classroom to collect your students’ assignments.

They can send them to you using this software.

Using LanSchool, teachers create customized tests, provide quizzes and polls, and receive the results instantly.

They can also monitor students’ computers and limit their usage, communicate with them (a whole group or individuals), and broadcast their screen to the students.

8. ClassCharts

This software allows teachers to manage students’ behavior and enhance their learning.

What makes this software unique is its artificial intelligence, which monitors and analyses students’ behavior and follows the progress or decline in their performance.

Moreover, the AI automatically analyzes the students’ behavior in several seat plans thus allowing teachers to place every student on the best seat proposed.

ClassCharts also allows for teacher-parent communication, so teachers can report student’ behavior results to their parents and learning success.

9. Radix

This advanced software helps teachers manage their classroom by enhancing their control over their students.

Using Radix, teachers can view and control students’ monitors, share their screen with them, send files to the students and receive files from them, and conduct quizzes and surveys and receive results instantly.

Additionally, Radix allows teachers and students to search for websites and e-books together.

10. NetControl

The last software for managing classrooms on our list is NetControl.

This software enhances teacher-students communication using chat, graphic message, and voice message. It also allows teachers to monitor students’ screens and control their use of the computer and the internet.

Using this software, teachers can broadcast their screen to the students for better lesson presentation, run quizzes and polls, send documents and assignments to their students and collect them back, and grade the students’ work.


Education software assists teachers to effectively manage their classroom by creating an environment which facilitates students’ learning experience.

It is used to increase the students’ engagement, motivate them, and improve their behavior and learning.

It also helps teachers decrease and/or completely eliminate students’ distraction, enhance knowledge sharing, monitor classroom activities, and other classroom related activities.